The Lock Up: Top Notch Service and Amenities


The Lock Up Self Storage focuses on providing outstanding service to each and every client. All on site staff members go out of their way to ensure that their customers have the tools and knowledge necessary to store their items correctly. This is clearly evident in the testimonials that our clients feel compelled to share with us. Click here to read what The Lock Up clients have to say. In addition to great customer service, The Lock Up maintains impeccable locations with state of the art amenities. In fact, The Lock Up has won numerous awards for outstanding business practices and architectural achievements. Any way you slice it, The Lock Up Self Storage is a leader in the self storage industry.

Here is a list of the services and amenities provided at every single Lock Up Self Storage:

  • 24 hour security camera monitoring
  • Electronic key access
  • Motion sensitive lighting
  • Climate controlled units
  • Carpeting in all hallways and select storage units
  • Carts and dollies provided  free of charge on site
  • FREE move in truck with every new lease
  • All locations accept deliveries during business hours so that you don’t have to wait around
  • Storage supplies – everything from packing materials to specialty boxes for wardrobe or dishes (please note: merchandise may vary in locations, so please see store managers for details)

In addition to this roster of impressive services and amenities, a number of The Lock Up Self Storage facilities in Illinois, Florida and New Jersey also contain wine cellar storage units. These are specialty units that provide the perfect environment for the storage of fine wines. Our state-of-the-art wine storage units are designed to accommodate any size storage need, from small personal collections to the largest restaurant inventories. They are kept at a steady 55 degrees year round, maintain a humidity level between 60-70% and are constantly monitored so that your wine collection is never compromised. Click here for more information on our wine cellar units.

If you are looking for a self storage unit to store your personal or business items, look no further than your nearest Lock Up Self Storage facility. We will go the extra mile to give you peace of mind.

Go to to find the Lock Up Self Storage facility near you.


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