The Lock Up’s Lessons for Locktober


padlockThe Lock Up takes storage seriously. That’s why this month we’re changing the name from October to “Lock”tober! When you store your belongings in a Lock Up Self Storage unit, the unit is secured with a specially made cylinder lock with a unique key. These locks fit directly into the door of your unit and cannot be mastered or altered, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and that you’re the only one who can access them.

But, you ask, what if I want to secure some items either in my home, work or garage?

What are the differences between locks? Let’s investigate

  • Combination Locks
    These are padlocks that require a combination to be entered either via a dial, push button, or thumb-rolled pad. You might remember them from your high school locker. The “key” to opening these types of locks is all in remembering the combination. These locks can leave your belongings susceptible to theft if the thief has enough time to figure out your combo.
  • Simple Keyed Padlock
    These padlocks usually come with a set of two keys. They are better suited for people who have a hard time remembering combinations. Although, you must remember to have your key with you, or know where you left the spare key.
  • Closed Shackle Padlock
    This type of padlock has an extra level of security in an encasement that goes around the shackle. This prevents thieves from being able to use bolt cutters or a saw to open it.
  • Discus or Round Padlock
    These locks offer even more protection as the shackle actually curves securely around the body of the lock. Be sure that there is enough clearance on whatever you plan to place this lock on since the shackle area is tighter than most padlocks.
  • Cable Locks
    These locks have a secure cable, oftentimes coated for weather protection, that has an integrated lock system connected to it. They are good for locking unwieldy items and for motorcycles.
  • Bike Locks
    These are locks have large U-shaped shackles that reach around a bike’s frame or wheel and onto a secured bike rack or pole, and then a second piece locks onto the U opening. Many come with built in racks that mount to your bike for easy storage of the lock while you ride.

Why Use The Lock Up During Locktober?

We hope this breakdown of the different types of locks helps you…but if you’re ever in doubt about how to best secure an item, be sure to keep The Lock Up in mind. With top of the line security measures, cylinder locks on every unit, and video surveillance, your belongings will be more secure inside your Lock Up Self Storage unit.

To see what move-in deals are available during “Lock”tober, visit today!


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