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businessman-at-messy-deskWork/life balance is something we all strive for, but in the end we still spend a large portion of our time at work. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that we ensure that our work space is organized and optimized for our best performance. Since organization is such a huge part of The Lock Up’s job in your life, we’ve put together a few simple adjustments you can make at your desk that will positively impact your day at work.

  • Good Ergonomics
    Sitting for long periods of time is bad enough. Don’t make it worse by a bad setup at your desk. Be sure that you have a chair that allows your feet to rest comfortably on the ground and supports your lumbar region. Placement of your monitor is also important. Just because you have a laptop, doesn’t mean you have to use it like one. If you’re working at a desk, make sure that the middle of your monitor is at eye level. If it’s not, you’ll end up crouching over and over time that will cause lots of aches and pains. There are laptop racks that will let you raise your computer to eye level. An easy fix if you don’t have one of the pre-made ones is to use a box. Having an external keyboard for the laptop will help prevent you from hunching too.
  • A Place for Everything
    How much time do you waste looking for things? Mother was right when she demanded that things get put back where they belong when you finished using them. Keeping desk accouterments in an orderly fashion facilitates a faster workflow. Have a container for pens handy, a place for your stapler, paper clips, and external hard drives; whatever you need on a daily basis should be readily available within arm’s reach.
  • Work Zones
    Piles of papers may be your way of organizing tasks, but they’re unsightly and if knocked, well…now you have a new task or re-organizing your tasks.
    Create work zones to eliminate such clutter. Place two boxes on your desk – one for work in progress, another for finished items that need filing, to be mailed, or to be passed off to the next team member. You’ll enjoy a sense of accomplishment as you move papers from one box to the other, and the risk of confusing what needs to be addressed is eliminated. At the end of the day, take your finished items and take care of them. Done and done!

Do you have any suggestions for super charging your workflow with organization tips? We’d love to hear them!

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