Packing Tips for Moving


If you have a move ahead, whether from your home or office, you’ll need things that you can pack all your stuff into. While buying moving supplies from The Lock Up should be your first plan of attack, there are other options to keep in mind. Here are some packing tips on what to use to move your goodies from one place to another.

Planning is key when prepping to move. Collect all of the things that you own already that could serve you during your move. Markers to label boxes, packing tape to seal up boxes and scissors are all common household/office things that most people have on hand. It’s also important to plan ahead and secure a self storage unit, if needed. Take the time to learn more about the storage rental process and what to expect.

The next thing you should do is scan your place for other containers that can work as makeshift boxes. Luggage and garment bags are a great way to move clothing. Plastic bins are convenient and can also serve as storage for your new place.

Make sure that you save old newspapers and magazines in the weeks ahead of your move. These are great sources for padding in boxes.  Gather all of your towels and linens. They are perfect for wrapping items that require soft packaging.

Once you’ve looked thoroughly through your things for packing materials, then turn to your workplace. Many businesses have an excess of boxes that are large, sturdy and often have handles or holes for your hands to facilitate lifting. If your job doesn’t have any, think of businesses in your neighborhood that could be a resource. Grocery stores are a great place to start. They get deliveries daily and have an abundance of boxes.

Once you have all of these supplies together, designate a place in your home or office as your packing area. This way you can see everything you have and you’ll be able to see if there’s anything extra you need. If you do, be sure to visit The Lock Up Self Storage facility near you. If you need bubble wrap or specialty boxes for stemware, for example, you’ll find the rest of what you need there.

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