Top 5 Ways The Lock Up Helps New Businesses


New businesses require unique and versatile solutions for their needs because they do not have legions of people dictating what goes where, when, and how. Entrepreneurs often begin their journey from a home based office until their operation grows into a new space. The first days can leave new business owners in a quandary as to how they can manage all the requirements of running a business in an area with limited space. This is where The Lock Up Self Storage can help. A self storage unit provides flexibility and additional space for new entrepreneurs without forcing them into an expensive and lengthy lease for an office space outside of home. Here are the top 5 ways The Lock Up can help your new business.

1. Furniture Storage
When launching a business from home, you will most likely find yourself wanting to create an office space. If you do not have enough space for your new office without getting rid of your existing furniture, don’t fret; and don’t get rid of it. Store the furniture with The Lock Up. Eventually your business will move into a new space and you’ll want to bring the guest bedroom back to your home. It’ll be waiting at your storage unit.

2. Product Inventory
If you are in the business of selling products, you will undoubtedly have to buy inventory in advance of sales. This means you need space to store your items until you are able to move them. No need to clutter up your office space…put the extra stock in a Lock Up self storage facility.

3. Signage/Displays
Whether you take part in tradeshows, special events, or trunk shows to sell your wares or services, you will probably find yourself laden with the necessary things to create a professional looking booth. Such items are often bulky and unwieldy (think shelving, mannequins, and signage for the walls). Placing items in storage that are only needed periodically is a great way to keep them in good shape while freeing up area in your workspace. This allows you to be more organized which, in turn, equals more productivity. Win, win!

4. Promotional Materials
Most businesses need to promote their goods and/or services. Promotional materials are a great way to get your branding into your customer’s hands so they’ll remember you. Items like t-shirts, mugs, pens, and business cards are often sold in bulk, so you’ll need somewhere to store the extras until you need them.

5. Paperwork/Client Files
As your business grows, you’ll find that the amount of space needed for the paperwork that accumulates will grow, sometimes exponentially. The Lock Up provides a safe and secure location to keep those files out of the way, yet accessible when needed.

If you are starting a new business from home, let The Lock Up be a partner in your success! Go to to find the facility nearest you.


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