Transitioning? Turn to A Self-Storage Facility!


A common myth associated with storage units is their only use is for people who are “pack racks” or “hoarders” – Someone who has a hard time of letting go, and needs to store everything and anything.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In today’s transitioning society, full of job transfers and temporary living arrangements, self-storage units fulfill a very real need. Instead of being forced to sell or donate many valuable and cherished belongings, a person in a transitioning period can turn to a self-storage unit.

Reasons to Use Self Storage

Self storage units are needed for an array of reasons, including:

  • Temporary job transitions – A large percentage of self storage units are rented by people who are in between permanent residents. A common cause of this is someone who is taking a temporary job out of town, like an internship, co-op, or residency assignment.
  • De-cluttering a home to sell – When selling a home, one common and practical tip is to streamline and de-clutter. This helps open up the home, making it more inviting and appealing. Climate controlled storage units offer a practical and low-cost solution.
  • Transitioning college students: The life of a college student or new graduate can be unbalanced and unpredictable. A storage facility offers an easy and affordable solution.

First Time Storage Tips

Planning ahead will ensure that your move goes smoothly. Before you move your valuables into just any self-storage facility, keep a couple of the following criteria in mind:

  • Security: If you are leaving town for an extended period of time, it is important to choose a facility that places a premium on security. Quality locks and surveillance equipment are a must.
  • Hours of Operation: The self-storage unit you choose should have a point of contact in case of an emergency. Also, make sure your contact knows how to reach you.
  • Access to Facility: Some facilities only offer limited access to the storage unit. If you require multiple family members or friends to have access, make sure you clear this with the self-storage facility.
  • Packing and Storing: When storing your items, label everything clearly, this allows for easy access. Also avoid over stacking and creating large, hazardous pyramids.

Read more storage tips from The Lock Up. If you need a place to store your valuables, look for a climate-controlled Lock Up self storage facility near you.


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