Virtual Yard Sales and The Lock Up


Spring has most definitely sprung. Now’s the time to get to your spring cleaning underway. Once you’ve sorted through everything, and decided to what’s stays and what goes, you may wonder what you should do with all of the perfectly usable items that you simply have no need for anymore. Garage sales are so weird…having strangers come into your yard is not appealing to many. Posting items on classified sites or social media may get your items sold, but you’ll still have to deal with strangers coming to your home, or try to arrange to meet at a public place like a coffeehouse. But, showing up at a coffeehouse with a lawn mower is probably frowned upon. An ideal solution would be a virtual yard sale with a neutral, safe place to meet potential buyers. Enter your friendly neighborhood Lock Up Self Storage. Here are some ways that having a self storage unit at The Lock Up Self Storage can help you unload your virtual yard sale items, and make money to boot.

All good ideas require at least a modicum of planning for successful execution; and a virtual yard sale is no exception. If you follow these steps, you can find yourself living in a clutter free home and with a full wallet.

  • Go through all of your goodies. Separate them into piles under the following categories: Keep, Donate, Sell
  • Put your Keep pile away, make arrangements for your Donate pile and take pictures of the items in your Sell pile.
  • Make posts of the items you want to sell in your virtual yard sale on an online classifieds site such as Craigslist. Then you can take the links to your items and share them on any social media to spread the word about your virtual yard sale.
  • Move all of the sale items into your Lock Up Self Storage unit.
  • Decide on a couple dates and times that you would be available to meet your customers.
  • Be sure to have some cash handy for these dates so that you can make change for people. Singles, fives and tens are the most useful bills to have on hand.
  • As responses begin to come in, schedule as few meeting times as possible for all your customers. This way, you’ll have lots of people in your unit at the same time. This is a bonus for two reasons: there’s safety in numbers, and you’ll get to feel like a shop owner, fielding questions, selling your wares. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a bidding war start!

Another perk to having the actual selling part of your virtual yard sale take place in The Lock Up Self Storage is that you’ll be well protected. State of the art security cameras monitor the entrances and grounds of all Lock Up facilities.

When you’re ready to have your virtual yard sale, be sure to secure a Lock Up Self Storage unit. We’re here to help!



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