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wedding tableAnyone planning a wedding will tell you that there’s a lot of stuff that goes into making a great wedding. From gift bags to tabletop arrangements, you need to collect lots of items that will transform a location into a dream wedding destination. And The Lock Up Self Storage can help to facilitate this phase of your wedding planning. Not only will a climate controlled self storage unit serve as wedding central for your decorations, but you can schedule deliveries directly to your Lock Up location so that you don’t have to waste time waiting around for the delivery truck. Here are some ideas on how to use your Lock Up unit while prepping for your big day.

  • To truly customize your wedding, pay close attention to your tabletop setting. Consider your tables to be a canvas where you let your personalities shine. Your special day will be even more special to your guests if they can get a sense for you and your betrothed when they sit down at their table. Begin gathering vases, china, glassware and silverware. If you want to be really original, look at flea markets, vintage shops or estate sales. After the big day, you can pick what you love for your own home and either sell off or donate the rest.
  • Wedding reception furniture can be incredibly expensive to rent. A great way to save money is to provide as many of your own tables and chairs as possible for the ceremony and reception. Ask friends and family to loan you any spare chairs or tables. You’ll have an eclectic look that you can unify with color. As the donations come in, store them in your Lock Up unit, safe and out of the way.
  • Don’t pass up a great deal on wine when it comes your way! If your big day is months away, but you have a friend who has a friend who can get you a deal on cases of wine now, take it. Don’t give into the visions of bottles of wine-gone-bad being poured at your wedding because you had to store the cases on your back sun porch. The Lock Up Self Storage has the solution. Certain locations are equipped with state of the art wine storage facilities where you can store as little or as much wine as you need at affordable prices. And even if your nearby Lock Up doesn’t have a wine cellar, a climate controlled storage unit is far superior to your back sun porch!
  • Warehouse shopping clubs are a fantastic resource for wedding supplies. Of course, you probably don’t need a 10 pound wheel of cheese or a case of sausages, but these clubs can be both time and money savers for weddings. They often have large quantities of party supplies like plastic flutes for champagne, napkins and serving ware. With a Lock Up Self Storage unit, you needn’t worry that you’ll be tiptoeing amongst rows of party supplies in your home. Buy what you need and keep it all in one place.

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