Wedding Season Brings Gifts Galore


When a couple decides to move in together, they must merge their lives and their belongings which usually results in the sacrificing of beloved items due to lack of space. When they marry, wedding registry lists morph into actual china, place settings and glassware leaving newlyweds yet again at a loss for the space to store everything. Now that we’re wrapping up the most popular month for weddings, it seems there would be lots of newlyweds overwhelmed with the influx of wedding gifts. Many nuptial gifts are useful and needed on a daily basis. But, some gifts are specialty items…the ones that only come out on those occasions when you want to feel fancy. These items are often fragile and cannot just be thrown in the back of a closet; they need to be stored properly and carefully in a location safe from disturbances. Then you have the gifts that don’t come from the wedding registry at all and fall under the category of “this is hideous, but we can’t return it because we have to make sure it’s in the house when your mother comes to visit”. What does a newlywed couple do with the gifts that cannot fit into their newly designed lives? The nearest Lock Up Self Storage facility can solve this problem.

If your recent nuptials have you in turmoil about where to store all of your new goodies while you’re not using them, go to the nearest Lock Up Self Storage facility and rent a unit. The 5×5 or 5×7.5 storage units are large enough to store boxes of your wedding china, serving platters, crystal glassware and yes, even that eyesore from your newly acquired in-laws that needs to be out of sight until they visit. Choose a climate controlled facility if you are storing delicate items such as table linens or the bride’s wedding gown. Be sure to carefully pack your boxes and clearly label them as they’re packed so that it will be easy to locate the items you need when you finally have that fabulous dinner party for twelve. If you have a compact car and don’t feel like making several trips to get all your wedding wares into your space, just use the Lock Up Self Storage facility’s moving truck. It’s free to use for moving in when you sign a new lease. How’s that for easy?

For a Lock Up Self Storage facility near you, call 1-866-327-LOCK.


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