Welcome Spring Inside


When winter hits, our tendency is to batten down the hatches and cozy up our homes. Well, now that spring is beginning to peek its way back into our lives, it’s time to begin the transformation from a winter den to a more open, bright living space. Here are a few tips that can help you make the change. Before you know it, your home will feel like it’s had a springtime makeover.

  • Invite the light
    Trade out any light blocking/insulating curtains for breezier, gauzy curtains. These will brighten any room. If you feel like you still need the privacy, add another curtain layer that is light blocking for the evenings.
  • Freshen up the mudroom
    Months of snow and salt can do a number to floors. Be sure to sweep and mop up any remnants of the winter months. Remove all the gloves, scarves and hats and replace them with sunscreen, sun hats and gardening gloves.
  • Declutter
    This should be a staple for spring cleaning. Gathering things over the winter is a bad habit many of us have. Go through each room and see it with new eyes. Remove any items that you will not need for the summer and put them in your Lock Up Self Storage unit.
  • Sleep easier
    Switch out heavy comforters and blankets for lighter, airier duvets and quilts. It’s impossible to get a good nights rest if you’re overheated. With warmer months coming, you won’t need such warm bed dressings. Also be sure to rotate your mattress so that it wears evenly, giving you a better chance at resting easy.
  • Accentuate the positive
    Pack up all your cozy wintery pillows and throws. Just be sure to clean them well before doing so, then store them in a climate controlled Lock Up self storage unit. Replace these items with brightly patterned versions that will spruce your pad up instantly! Also, roll up fluffy rugs in favor of flat weave ones or bare floors. Your bare feet will welcome the change.
  • Bring the outside in
    Spring flowers and groups of budding twigs arranged in a beautiful vase will give your home the feeling of spring automatically!

Have any other tips for welcoming spring into your home? Share them with us here!


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