What Size Storage Unit is Right for Me?


So, you’ve decided that an off-site storage facility is right for you, but not sure what size you’ll need? We’ve put together this handy little size guide to help you visualize what will fit into each type of storage unit.

If you are a…

…College Student or Condo Owner Lacking In-Building Storage: Consider a 5’x5′ or 5’x7.5. The 5’x5′ storage unit holds small furniture items, boxes, seasonal items and personal records. The 5’x7.5′ holds approximately one room of furniture, approximately twenty boxes, bicycles, personal records and seasonal items.

…Small Business or Couple Preparing for a New Baby: Consider the 5’x10′ or 7.5’x10′. The 5’x10′ storage unit holds about one to one and one-half rooms of furniture, lots of boxes, bicycles, sales reps supplies, business records and seasonal items. The 7.5’x10′ storage unit holds two rooms of furniture and boxes, office furniture and files.

…Mid-Sized Business or an In-Transition Home Buyer/Seller: Consider the 10’x10′, the 10’x15′, or the 10’x20′. The 10’x10′ unit stores two to three rooms of furniture and boxes, office furniture, files. The 10’x15′ storage unit holds three to four rooms of furniture, boxes, small sports cars, commercial storage and inventory. The 10’x20′ is equivalent to a one car garage and stores five to six rooms of furniture, average size car and commercial storage.

...Larger Business, Military Personnel, In-Transition Home Buyer/Seller, Contractor: Consider the 10’x25′ or the 10’x30′ units. The 10’x25′ holds six to eight rooms of furniture, large vehicles, commercial storage, even boats. The 10’x30′ holds everything you have in your house.

If you’re still not sure what size you’ll need, give us a call or ask here, we’re happy to help.


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