Winter Weather Life Hacks


December is here, and along with it comes the bitter cold temperatures of winter. We at The Lock Up understand that life must continue, despite the desire to curl up next to the fire and read good books until spring. Therefore, we’ve compiled a few great life hacks to make your wintery day to day a little more doable.

  • Beat the heat
    Now that the temperatures have dropped, many of us will be upping the temps on our thermostats. If you have a gas forced air heating system, you might find that the air inside gets very dry, bringing along with it the dreaded static electricity that zaps all you touch and makes your hair stand on end. Solution: dryer sheets. Keep a couple on hand to rub over frizzy hair or yourself to keep static electricity at bay.
  • Avoid cold feet
    Tromping around in winter weather can cause wet or snow to penetrate even the best insulated boots. When you return inside, crumple up some dry newspaper and stuff them into your boots. The paper will wick out the moisture quickly, leaving your boots ready for another adventure. (It doesn’t hurt to place them near a heating vent or the radiator so they’re warm also!)
  • Yule log starter kit
    Winter is the perfect time to sit by the fire. Whether you have a fireplace inside, or you’re adventurous enough to fire up the outside firepit in the snow, you’ll need some kindling to really get the yule logs burning. If you find yourself in a bind, a great way to start a fire is by taking an empty toilet paper roll and stuffing it with dryer lint. This will light easily and burn long enough to get a great fire roaring in no time.
  • Don’t forget the car
    If you don’t have a garage to park in, winter can wreak havoc on your daily commute. Here are a couple of quick hacks to keep in mind when the weather goes south.

    • Storm prep
      Before a snowstorm, take these simple precautions so you can get on the road more quickly the next morning: place old knee high socks on your windshield wipers and secure plastic bags on your side view mirrors. These will prevent ice from building up on them and make clean up much easier.
    • Frozen car lock
      If you go to unlock your car door and it won’t budge, place a dab of hand sanitizer on your key. The alcohol will melt the ice and evaporate, leaving you with a functioning lock so you can get inside your car and crank the heat!

Do you have a helpful winter weather life hack to share? We’d love to hear!

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