7 Ultimate Loft Living Hacks for a Small Studio Space

7 of the Best Loft Living Hacks for a Small Studio Space

If you are living in a bustling city, or simply don’t have the budget for an overly large place, you might find yourself getting a studio or lofted apartment. At first the small space will seem daunting and claustrophobic, but there are a ton of ways you can transform it into a home you love. Now, if your studio isn’t already a loft, take some time to look into your options for a DIY loft bed/sleeping area. Getting the biggest piece of furniture you own off of the floor and out of the way will open up an unbelievable amount of space and give you more room for activities and friends. Plus, it allows you to avoid tiptoeing around a bedroom while hosting, watching TV, or even cooking your dinner.

Even if you can’t transform your sleeping quarters into a loft, this article is sure to give you some great tips on how to manage a small studio space.

  1. Use Open-Faced Storage

Our first suggestion may seem counterintuitive, especially in such a confined area, but we recommend using open spaces abundantly. Instead of trying to cram your life into the cramped storage areas provided, transform your things into a work of art by keeping them out in the open.


7 of the Best Loft Living Hacks for a Small Studio SpaceInvest in a clothing rack that you can suspend from the ceiling and put it in one of the corners near your sleeping area or bathroom. This not only forces you to be organized, but it can add a bit of unique decoration that is specifically inspired from your style. Having an open closet gives you added storage space for things that aren’t as appealing to the eye without needing to use a dresser. Plus, it will encourage you to avoid accumulating too many things you don’t need.

If you have a ton of clothes, rent a self storage unit to store things that are out of season—this works great for bulky winter jackets and boots.


You’ll find that most small studios and lofts come complete with a kitchen that is small7 of the Best Loft Living Hacks for a Small Studio Space enough to pass for a mini-kitchenette. This doesn’t mean that they are useless and should be ignored. Use wall space creatively to hang mugs, pots and pans, and even knives and cutlery. You can easily install a magnetic strip above your sink to keep your drawers free and utensils handy. If you don’t have enough storage room to keep your coffee mug collection, wrap up what you won’t use and keep them safe and secure in a self storage unit.


Open-faced storage solutions for bathrooms have been on the rise this past decade, which means you can look almost anywhere for inspiration. Some of our favorite options include installing mason jar storage containers, storing towels on the backs of doors, and using an over the toilet hutch.

  1. Utilize Vertical Space

After you’ve gone around your apartment, studio, or loft and used all of the open-faced storage you desire, it’s time to tackle vertical space. Vertical space is space that doesn’t affect your day-to-day activities and should be utilized in all homes, regardless the size. With that being said, there are a few tricks for smaller studios that you should be aware of.


7 of the Best Loft Living Hacks for a Small Studio SpaceThe main benefit you can get from vertical space comes from using shelves. Install them everywhere. In your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and closets if possible. Shelves increase your storage capacity exponentially and can be used to add a personal touch on any room. For your living area, install floor to ceiling shelves so you can create a unique entertainment center and have a place to put pictures, memories, and books. If you want to go the extra mile in keeping things off of the floor, install floating shelves!

Loft Your Bed

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, lofting your bed is going to give you back 90% of the usable space taken by a traditional bed. Try building a DIY loft bed or purchase one from a well-known retailer – just make sure to read the reviews first. You can transform the underneath to a small office, reading nook, or even just use it for more storage.

  1. Create Separations

One of the worst things about studio apartments isn’t the size; it’s the feeling that you’re living in one giant box. That’s why it’s important to create distinct areas. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to create separations between rooms. First of all, decorate different areas with large, colorful rugs that match the décor in that area. This will help your mind see things in zones. Next, if possible, get a large – both wide and tall – bookshelf and use it to split up your living area and sleeping area. This is especially important if you decide against lofting your bed! As a bonus, you get the added storage that comes with a bookshelf. Opt for one that’s a little thicker so you can use cube storage bins and it can double as a dresser.

  1. Get Some Plants

If you have some windows, line them with living plants. We’re not 100% sure why, but having living things scattered around your home boosts your mood and makes you feel like you’re outside in a forest rather than squished in the middle of an urban city. If you don’t have great lighting, don’t worry. There are a ton of options for plants that can survive7 of the Best Loft Living Hacks for a Small Studio Space without direct sunlight. Succulents are one of them and are even better for people who were born without a green thumb. They’re easy to take care of, come in an inspiring amount of colors, shapes, and sizes, and won’t cause a mess. You can also opt for some houseplants that will enhance your indoor air, purify it, or give you a pleasing aroma to come home to. Check out this list for some great ideas.

  1. Utilize Mirrors

Have you ever realized that mirrors give off the illusion that there is more space in a room than there really is? This is great news for small apartments, studios, and lofts. While there might not be an actual increase in square footage, the illusion can help combat feelings of living in such a confined space. We suggest getting a large mirror to hang in your entryway, and another one to go around your sleeping area. The more mirrors, the better… as long as it doesn’t feel like a fun house from your childhood.

  1. Moveable Furniture

If you’ve lived in a larger home for most of your life, chances are you aren’t too familiar with moveable furniture. We’re not talking about couches or chairs you can rearrange, but rather the larger staples that fold up and out of the way when you’re not using them.

TV Projector

TV’s are big and if you don’t mount them on the wall they take up a lot of space. Consider investing in a small projector with a pull down screen. You can quickly and easily take it out or put it away, without having to sacrifice your Netflix shows.


If you need a small desk or want a nice little side table when entertaining, check out a few of these innovative tables that fold out from wall-décor. Perfect for appetizers and drinks when you have people over or a quick study break during the week. If you have a particularly small space, there are even folding dining room tables. This is perfect for having friends over for dinner, game night, or to keep the table out of your living area when not in use.

  1. Organization is Key

Finally, as with any small spaces, you need to keep everything organized. If you don’t, things will spill onto the floors and drive you crazy. Some of our previous articles dive deeper into great organizational hacks and others talk about the benefits of minimalistic living. Additionally, this is a phenomenal article for organizational hacks in every room – or area – of your home.

When you live in a lofted apartment, you have a little more room than a typical studio, but it can still be cramped. Especially if you have more things lying around than you need. Instead of getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit inside your home, rent out a self storage unit like the ones at The Lock Up Self Storage. It’s a great opportunity to keep extra things safe and secure while you’re living in a small space. You can store anything from antiques, to clothes, to old artifacts with strong memories—all without having to worry. The self storage units at The Lock Up are all climate controlled to protect and elongate the lifespan of your items. We also use 24/7 video monitoring, perimeter alarms, and coded access at all of our locations to ensure the most secure facilities possible. To check out our available storage units, head over to www.thelockup.com today and see how we can help you make the most of your new loft living space.