Kitchen Appliance Storage Tips


Major appliances are among the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. To protect investments like refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers, you’ll need to take a few extra steps when putting them in long-term storage at a self storage facility. Even smaller appliances like microwaves and coffee makers can be safely stored for a long time with a bit of preparation.

There’s no sense in spending money to replace perfectly good appliances ruined by environmental damage. If you’re planning on appliance storage in a self storage facility for any length of time, take the proper steps to protect your investment.


  • Clean: Wipe down the entire exterior and interior, as well as any filters, vents, or connection points. Wash refrigerator drip trays and defrost pans.
  • Drain: Remove water from hoses, pipes, and plastic tubing. Empty any water tanks or internal reservoirs.
  • Spray: Treat your appliances with an insecticide or pest repellant after treating the storage unit itself.

Prevent Damage during Transport

  • Protect: Remove any glass shelving or other fragile components and wrap to prevent breakage.
  • Tape: Secure all doors with strong adhesive tape to prevent opening during transport.
  • Load: Put appliances in a truck last so they’re unloaded first. Always transport and store refrigerators upright to prevent damage.

Protect from the Environment

  • Unload: Remove appliances first and place in the back of the storage unit so any frequently-used items are more readily accessible.
  • Open: Remove packing tape and leave appliance doors ajar or completely removed to prevent mildew growth.
  • Cover: Drape appliances with cotton sheets or canvas tarps. This will protect against dust while still allowing air circulation.

A climate-controlled self storage unit may cost more, but it is money well spent if it means not needing to repair or replace a damaged appliance. Especially if the items will be stored in a region with extreme variations in temperature, a climate-controlled self storage unit is important for preventing damage to any electronics or other sensitive internal components.

Read more storage tips from The Lock Up. If you’re ready to store your appliance, look for a climate-controlled self storage unit at the Lock Up self storage facility near you. We also offer secure self storage units and more.


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