Home For The Summer

The Lock Up Self Storage Sarasota, Florida

Most college kids look forward to the day that they can move out of their parents’ home for good. But sometimes, that simply isn’t the best financial choice they can make while still a student. A better option is to go home for the summer break instead of paying rent for those months. Saving some cash over the summer months can help pay for those textbook fees that will come in the fall when students return to school.

A college student invariably collects a fair amount of stuff during a school year. A big question to a student going home for the summer is what they should do with their furniture, stereo, bedding, books, etc. This is where The Lock Up can step in and help.

Many Lock Up Self Storage facilities are located conveniently near college towns and campuses. The cost of leasing a self storage unit pales in comparison to paying rent and utilities on an apartment. Several roommates can go in on a unit together for all their stuff to further reduce costs, and if a student leases a unit online, they can definitely take advantage of discounts offered. Additionally, for students without cars, the complimentary move in truck is an added bonus for moving their stuff into their storage unit.

By leasing a self storage unit, students can feel reassured that their possessions are safe and protected while they go home to Mom and Dad. Climate controlled units ensure that delicate items like electronics will not be subjected to extreme heat or humidity levels. Security measures such as security controlled gates and 24-hour camera monitoring not only keep students’ belongings safe, but also provide peace of mind while visiting their self storage unit, something Moms and Dads appreciate even more than the financial savings.

If you’re a student looking to go home for the summer, find a Lock Up Self Storage facility near you and safely store your belongings with us. We’ll be here waiting with your belongings when you return to school!