How to Pack a Desktop Computer


When faced with a big move, it’s easy to pack up all the things that you don’t need on a daily basis. Books, tchotchkes, and clothes can all be packed with relatively little thought or preparation days or weeks before the move. But when it comes to your desktop computer, you’ll most likely need to use it up until the day you move. Having a plan and the right supplies will help you to execute the move of your desktop computer to your new office in no time. Here are some tips.

  • Have the right materials on hand. You’ll need boxes, tape, packing materials like newspaper or bubble wrap, CDs or an external hard drive.
  • Back up all your important files. You can do this in the cloud if you have an online storage account. If not, use CDs or an external hard drive. During the move, you’ll want to keep these storage devices with you so that they don’t get lost or damaged in transit.
  • Once everything is backed up, remove all discs, cards, USB storage and ink cartridges from your computer and printer. Now you can go ahead and power everything down.
  • Here’s where you’re going to want to really pay attention. You’re going to want to know where all the various plugs and cords connect to when you’re setting up your computer in your new place. Taking a photo will be helpful in remembering how things were set up. Another good trick is to place a piece of tape around the end of each cord and write on it where it was plugged and what it was for. This can save you loads of time during set up…and will also come in handy in your new office when you need to unplug anything in the future.
  • Take all small computer accessories such as your mouse, webcam, mouse pad, drawing tablet, etc and pack them safely in a box along with your cords.
  • If you have the original boxes for your computer tower, monitor, scanner, and printer, pack the items in their own containers. This will provide the best protection for them during transit. If you don’t have them any longer, try to find a box that is about the same size as each item. Don’t pack any of these items together in a large box. You’ll risk damaging both of them. You’ll want to pad the bottom of the box, place the item inside and then pack padding material all around it until the item is snug in its box. Foam packing peanuts are not recommended for electronics because of the risk of static electricity. Stick with bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Tightly tape up each box and label as fragile.

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