How to Store a Lawn Mower for Winter


Now that the leaves are falling and plants are going dormant, the chore of yard work will begin to take on a different focus. Raking, cleaning gutters and mulching annual plants for the winter is the most important thing. Soon, mowing the lawn will become a memory of the spring and summer past. You may want to do a final pass with your mower, but after that it will need to go into hibernation until next year. Here are some tips on how to store your lawn mower properly so that it fires up on the first pull next year.

  • Clean it. Dirt and grime can muck up mechanical parts if left over the winter. Be sure to clean off the exterior and clear out old grass cuttings from the blades.
  • Decide where you will be storing the mower. You’ll want a cool, dry location. If you don’t have any such area (like a garage or shed), consider securing a Lock Up Self Storage climate controlled unit.
  • If you’ll be storing the mower in a Lock Up Self Storage unit, you’ll want to drain the motor of most of the gasoline and then run it until it dies. This will burn off the remaining gas and dry out the carburetor.
  • If you’re going to store in your garage, you can leave the gasoline in the tank. But, be sure to fill the tank completely. A partially full tank will leave room for condensation to form and that can do damage to the gas tank and engine. Be sure to add a fuel stabilizer (according to the directions on the bottle) and run the motor for a few minutes to ensure that the stabilizer is distributed throughout the engine.
  • Remove the battery and store separately.
  • Place cover over the lawn mower

Now you’re ready for winter! Time to bust out the snowblower…well, hopefully not quite yet.

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