How to Store: Pharmaceutical and Medical Products


Pharmaceutical companies are quickly discovering the benefits that a self-storage unit provides. A quality, secure and well-built unit offers the appeal of both convenience and affordability. Pharmaceutical and drug sales reps can use a storage unit as a home base: a place where they can store drug samples, literature and other marketing collateral.

When searching for a self-storage unit that will provide extra space and added convenience, it is important to take the following into consideration:

Climate Control

A self-storage facility that offers climate control self storage units will keep its units between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is essential to protecting and preserving your pharmaceutical samples.


Secure self storage features like key pad access, surveillance equipment, perimeter fencing, and limited access will help insure the protection of your pharmaceutical samples and medical cleaning products.


Storing your pharmaceutical supplies in a finished building is another key to ensuring their protection. This will provide protection against pest damage, water and debris.


In the case of deliveries, emergencies and matters of security, it is best to choose a storage unit that employs an onsite staff member. Some storage facilities even allow the staff member to receive, sign for, and temporarily store deliveries.


Location of the storage facility must be carefully considered. Items like sales territory, schedules, and home office location all our factors.

Access to the Self Storage Facility

Hours of operation is another point to consider when choosing a storage unit. It is important to understand when the storage facility will be open, and establish if these hours are convenient. It does no good to select a storage facility if the sales rep is unable to access it when needed.

Keep in mind that some limit to access is essential to ensuring protection. Facilities that limit access with a personal access code offer an ideal choice.

Read more storage tips from The Lock Up. If you’re looking for a place to store your pharmaceutical supplies, look for a climate-controlled Lock Up self-storage facility near you.


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