How to Swap Summer Clothes for Fall/Winter Clothes


There’s a crispness in the air and leaves are changing colors. Fall is here and that means that it’s time once again to trade out flip flops for boots, tank tops for sweaters, and shorts for pants. For many of you that means getting your fall/winter gear out of storage and switching your whole wardrobe. Here are a few tips for making this daunting task a bit easier on you.

Before hauling your heavier clothing out of hiding, you need to thoroughly go through the items you have in your closet and dressers. Sort through all of your clothes and separate out the items that you never wear. You can either donate these or take them to a store that buys used clothing.

After you’ve done this, you should then wash or dry clean the remaining articles of clothing. You definitely don’t want to store dirty clothes. Dirt and food particles can break down fibers and invite pests. Best to avoid such a disaster.

Carefully fold or roll your clothes and place them into plastic bins with lids. Be sure that the bins are not totally air tight as fibers require a bit of airflow to avoid mold and mildew. Never store your clothing in cardboard boxes for any long period of time because they will eventually break down and that can allow insects to make your clothing their new home.

You don’t want to store your clothing in an attic or basement because of the extreme temperature swings and uncontrolled moisture levels. The ideal place to store your summer clothes is in a climate controlled area – and The Lock Up Self Storage nearest you can provide such an environment.

If you are already privy to such information, odds are that your fall/winter clothing is already stored in a Lock Up climate controlled self storage unit. This will make the switching out easy as pie. Simply bring your boxes of summer clothes to your storage unit and switch them out for your heavier clothing.

Once you get your fall/winter clothing home, you’ll want to clean them once more before you put them away in your closets or dressers. They will have no doubt been protected from the elements in your Lock Up storage unit, but a quick wash will give them that fresh washed smell and feel so that come the first really brisk day, you’ll have a great experience wrapping up in your favorite sweater.

Do you have tips on how to prep your clothes for storage? Share them with us here!

In case you don’t have a Lock Up climate controlled storage unit for your summer clothes, visit to find the one nearest you.


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