Lock Up Your Wheels for Winter

Vintage Car Storage

vintage-car-storageDo you have an extra vehicle that you want to protect from the damaging winter temperatures and weather? Maybe you have your kid’s car while they’re away at college. Or perhaps you’re interested in a vintage car but have nowhere to store it during the winter months. Save your extra wheels from the corrosive effects of salt and snow by storing it with us in a Lock Up Self Storage drive up unit.

You can easily lease a unit online at www.thelockup.com. If you have questions, call the facility and talk to the manger on duty. They will be able to answer any questions you may have. If your vehicle is vintage and a little more temperamental than modern cars, you might want to find a drive up unit that has climate control.

First you’ll need to prep the vehicle for storage. You’ll want to have it clean before you place it in storage. A thorough cleaning inside and out is the ideal thing to do. If you end up having to drive it to the unit, be sure to bring a bucket and rags so that you can wipe off all the salt, dirt and snow that will undoubtedly accumulate during your drive. Also, get an oil change so that there’s no sediment in the oil tank that could damage it. You’ll also want to make sure that the vehicle has gas in the tank and it would be good to put a fuel stabilizer in the tank as well. This will ensure that moisture doesn’t build up in the engine during storage.

Filling the tires to the correct psi will keep flat spots from forming on them during storage. If you’re planning on storing the vehicle for over 6 months, you should consider placing the car on jacks to relieve pressure on the tires altogether.

And finally, be sure that the battery is fully charged since electronics in newer cars can drain batteries even if the car is off. If the vehicle will be stored for longer than 6 months, disconnecting the battery may be a better choice.

Once you get your vehicle into your storage unit, you can rest assured that it will be safe and sound from the ravages of winter and ready to go the next time to want to take it for a ride.