How to Rearrange Your Room for a Fresh Start


Window treatments are a great way to completely change the feel of a room. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut and need to find a way to reinvigorate our lives. One of the best ways to do this is to rearrange your room for a fresh start. Changing up the orientation, furniture, color, and clutter of a room has the potential to increase your productivity, give you mental clarity, and help you get motivated to achieve your goals. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best tips on how to rearrange your room for a fresh start.

Take Inventory

How to Rearrange Your Room for a Fresh StartThe first step in rearranging your room is to take inventory. You need to know what you have so you can make a plan regarding how to best use the space available. Go through all of your things in the room that you want to rearrange. Make a list of everything you have and consider taking measurements of the big items. This will help you out with your planning, so you don’t have to move big furniture more than you need to. During this step, you should also go through all of your smaller items. If you have a lot of decoration, clutter, or knick-knacks lying around, make note of it. You can be as detailed or as general as you like, but the more detailed you are, the less time it will take once you start moving.

Perform a Deep Clean

How to Rearrange Your Room for a Fresh StartNext, you’ll want to perform a deep clean of the entire room. There’s never a better time to clean than when you’re rearranging, so take advantage of it and make sure you get all of those hard-to-reach areas or spots that are usually neglected. You can perform your deep clean while taking inventory to make the entire process more efficient.

Make a Plan, but be Flexible

After you’ve cleaned and gone through your items, it’s time to make a plan. Try sketching out a miniature version of the room you want to rearrange using an accurate scale or use a room planning app. Measure the room and include window and door placement. Then, if you’ve measured your big furniture, you can easily test out placements. If you want to go above and beyond, use a piece of construction paper to cut out your furniture using an accurately scaled model. This way you can move the furniture around on your piece of paper to see your options. If you prefer a more hands-on method, start moving things around and see what your options are.

✔ Consider Your Traffic

During the planning process, don’t forget to consider your foot traffic. Are there certain entryways that are used more? Do you have any closets that are frequently accessed? You need to make sure that the places you want more accessible coincide with a practical plan to rearrange the room. Think about where you want your open space based on your traffic patterns and avoid making any walkways too narrow.

✔ Pay Attention to Your Windows

Another great key to rearranging your room is to pay attention to your How to Rearrange Your Room for a Fresh Startwindows. Your windows can help you pick a focal point and gives you the opportunity to completely change the way a room feels. With that being said, avoid blocking the windows at all costs. Blocking a window in a room creates a cramped feel that will end up making you feel unorganized and anxious. Plus, if windows are blocked you won’t be able to open them when the weather is nice. Instead, use your windows to your advantage. If you have two and they’re spaced out well enough, you could put your bed in between them to avoid sunlight spilling from onto your face across the room. If you only have one, you could put your bed or a dresser underneath it to take advantage of a symmetrically balanced space. Every room is different, but if you weren’t already using your windows as a way to orient your furniture, give it a try now—it will completely change the feel of your space.

✔ Rotate Things on an Axis

Rather than just sliding things over, try to rotate them on at least one full axis. This will help you completely change the feel and energy of your room without much added effort. Keep in mind that depending on the orientation of your room and the underlying floor plan, rotating everything on an axis might not be the best option. Try making some subtle changes and see how it works.

✔ Move Big Furniture First

Keeping in mind the recommendations we just discussed, move your big furniture first. If you’re rearranging your bedroom, start by moving the bed. This will allow you to rearrange your room with minimal effort. If you move your bed into a new space or flip it on its axis and find that it works, then you can start to move everything else. If you’re rearranging your living room, do the same thing with your couch and entertainment center. Focus on the main components of each room first and then fill in the remaining space.

✔ Buy New Furniture

How to Rearrange Your Room for a Fresh StartIf you end up moving your bed or couch into a new spot that you love, you might notice that some of your older furniture no longer makes sense. Maybe you finally have room for nightstands and no longer need a big bookshelf in your room or that you had your TV mounted before but now need a stand. Assess your room and if you need to, considering buying some new furniture. You don’t have to throw out your old furniture but getting a few new pieces will really help to give you a fresh start.

✔ Get Rid of Extra Stuff

If you find that some of your furniture no longer works with your space but you’re not ready to part with it just yet, check out the options for self storage units near you. There are tons of affordable storage options for whatever your needs are. If you know you won’t be using the furniture in the future, try selling it online or donating it to a local charity.

Change the Color Scheme

After you’ve made all of the big rearrangements, look at the color. To reallyHow to Rearrange Your Room for a Fresh Start take your rearrangement to the next level and give your room a makeover, change the color scheme. Get new throw pillows or find a new set of linens. You can completely change the feel of a room with new bedding. You can also opt to refresh your curtains if you have them or add new ones if you don’t. Window treatments are a great way to completely change the feel of a room. If you want to take things to the next level, re-paint the room or make an accent wall with a vibrant color of your choosing.

Declutter and Reorganize

The final step in rearranging your room is to go through everything, declutter, and reorganize. Make piles of things that you want to keep in your home, donate, or move to a storage unit. Get rid of all of your holiday décor, seasonal clothing, and anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Move the things you want to keep, but don’t use every day into a storage unit so that you can live in a peaceful, productive space. Once you’ve moved the things you don’t need out of your space, go through and rearrange all of the small things to fit your new layout. Taking the time to declutter your living space does wonders and will help you stay motivated, happy, and clam.

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