12 Tips to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

12 Tips to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

We spend a lot of time in our homes, which means we should love the space we’re in. Over the years, however, our decorations and setup can become mundane and boring. A room may no longer bring you joy or elicit the feelings it once did. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on home renovations, there are easy steps you can take to completely revitalize your space. To get started, here are 12 tips to redecorate your home on a budget.  

1. Consider the Room’s Atmosphere

Before you begin anything else, it’s important to consider the room’s overall atmosphere. How does the room feel to you now? How would you like the room to feel? Redecorating is a great way to invigorate your love for your home, but it should be done strategically. Once you decide what your goals are with each room, you’ll be able to approach the redecorating process with a vision in mind and be less distracted by succumbing to expensive frills. 

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest ways to give your home a completely new feel is to change up the paint color or even just add a fresh coat. Over the years, layers of dirt, grime, and dust build up on the walls so slowly that it’s hard to notice. It’s not until you thoroughly clean your walls or add a fresh coat of paint that you realize how dull and faded, they’ve become. Painting a room on your own tends to cost a few hundred dollars and can completely transform your space. If you want to take your redecorating efforts to the next level, consider changing the color completely, adding an accent wall, or painting the ceiling a contrasting color. These are simple tricks that can make your home feel larger and more open, without having to endure costly renovations.  

12 Tips to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

3. Rearrange Room Layouts

When was the last time you moved your couch into a different position? Chances are that it’s been in the same place since the day you moved in. To redecorate your home without spending a penny, consider rearranging your room layouts. You can move furniture from one room to another, switch out couches, change the focal point and orientation of furniture, or even downsize and opt for a more minimalistic feel. If you want to give this a try, use a self-storage unit to store unused furniture safely out of the way. This will give you more usable space in your home and an opportunity to change out furniture in the future. 

4. Go Thrifting

If you want to add some new pieces of furniture, rugs, or decorations to your home, don’t go to a department store or overpriced home décor shop—head to a thrift store. A lot of people associate thrifting or antiquing with dirty or old items, but that’s far from the truth. There are hundreds of great items just waiting to be found. Plus, you’ll be able to add them to your home for a fraction of the price. If you’re crafty, you may even enjoy finding some older pieces and restoring them at home as a DIY project. Even if you don’t think thrifting is for you, spend a day exploring secondhand stores and see what you find.  

5. Prioritize Spending on What You Use Most

After living in your home for a few years, you’ll begin to notice things that you love and things that you hate; things that you use all the time and things that you never touch. Spend your money on what you use most or what bothers you the most during redecorations. If you use your couch all the time, but it’s not comfortable, get a new one. If you hate your bathroom, get an estimate for a renovation. Taking on small projects and spending money on things that will improve your quality of life are worth it. 

rearrange furniture

6. Declutter

The next big step in redecorating your home is to declutter. We all accumulate things that we don’t need over the years and one day we look around and just feel cramped. The items in your home should bring you joy, not cause you stress, so take some time to strategically declutter. Go around your home and use the three-box technique. Label three different boxes as keep, donate, and toss then choose which room you want to start in. Put all of the items in the room in one of the three boxes. This will give you a fresh slate for redecorating and reorganizing the décor you want to keep while allowing you to thoroughly evaluate whether or not you actually want/need certain items. 

7. Reorganize Décor

Take the décor that you’ve decided to keep and consider how you can reorganize it throughout your home. Consider moving some things from one room to another or creating a different display on your mantel or bookshelf. Have some fun with this step and try new arrangements. If you don’t like them, you can always change it back. 

8. Utilize Unique Accents

Another great way to redecorate your home on a budget is to simply add a few unique accents. This can include accent pillows, new lamps, or even throw blankets. By adding a few pops of color to a room, you can completely change its overall feel. 

9. Consider Minimalistic Design

For those looking to make drastic changes without spending a fortune, consider adopting a minimalistic design. The way to achieve this is to simply downsize everything that you have in a room. Remove excess décor, clutter, artwork, and books. Keep the design very simple and try to utilize décor that matches with the colors of the room. Since this can be a fairly large change and some people may end up not liking it, we recommend using a self-storage unit to make sure that you don’t get rid of things that you want to bring back. 

10. Change Your Window Treatments

Window treatments have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room. If you haven’t updated your window treatments in a few years, look at your options for doing so. By changing the blinds or shades, you’ll be able to redecorate your room without spending thousands of dollars on renovations. There are great options for window treatments that can help increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, ensure that you have enough privacy, and compliment the coloring in a room. You don’t have to change the window treatments on all of the windows in your home at once. Focus on one room and if you like the way it turns out, you can move on to the next room. 

12 Tips to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

11. Upgrade Small Details

The details of your home’s decorations make a huge difference on the big picture feel. To refresh your space, consider upgrading some of these details. You can add in crown molding, update the handles on cabinets, change out the cabinets completely, experiment with different lighting fixtures, or simply add some candles around the room to create a cozier atmosphere. Your opportunities are endless, so go around your home and start looking at small changes that you can make. You’d be surprised at the difference a fresh coat of paint on cabinets with new finishes can make. For more great budget friendly ideas on how to redecorate your home on a budget, click here

12. Add a Few Plants or Flowers

One of the easiest ways to redecorate your room and improve your outlook on day-to-day life is to add a few living plants or flowers. Not only do they help purify indoor air, but houseplants tend to improve mood, productivity, and boost energy levels. If you’ve never taken care of a houseplant before, don’t worry. There are plenty of options available that require very little maintenance and are difficult to kill.

12 Tips to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

Regardless of how you decide to redecorate your home, organization is key. You’ll want to have ample space to change a room’s atmosphere and update your look, but you may not want to get rid of everything in the process. To help you keep your cherished items close, The Lock Up Self Storage is here. We have a variety of self-storage unit sizes to help you keep your home décor accessible during all of your redecorating phases. With our climate-controlled units, your things will stay in great condition whether you’re storing them for six months or six years. To learn more about our sizing options, or to schedule a tour of one of our facilities, contact The Lock Up today.