11 Benefits of Self-Storage


There are several reasons someone may be interested in renting a self-storage unit. Whether you’re a student moving into the dorms, a business trying to keep archives out of the office, or a family who can’t seem to stop accumulating things, self-storage can help. In fact, self-storage benefits tend to extend far past what you might expect. They’re great for decluttering your home, keeping seasonal décor out of the way, and can even be used during a move. For more information, consider the following 11 benefits of self-storage units.

1. More Room in Your Home

One of the biggest benefits of self-storage is that it gives you more usable space to enjoy in your home. Over the years, it’s easy for things to accumulate without us noticing. Then one day you look around and realize that you have a lot more stuff than you thought. While you can try to donate some items or sell your clutter for money, many families have a hard time letting go of their belongings. This is especially true if you still use them. Luckily, self-storage gives you the chance to keep things you love without having to sacrifice space or move into a bigger home. Try to find a place for the things that you use regularly then pack up seldom used objects in an easily accessible way and move them into a self-storage unit.

2. Declutter Seasonal Items

There are plenty of items that go unused during certain parts of the year. When it’s hot outside, winter coats, boots, and snow accessories collect dust under the bed or at the back of the closet. When it’s cold, swimsuits, beach or pool toys, and bicycles cause unnecessary clutter. The same idea applies to seasonal décor. A great benefit of self-storage units is the ability to get seasonal items out of the house and safely stored away until you’re ready to use them again. If you’re a big family or avid holiday decorator, this is reason alone to invest in a small self-storage unit!

3. Keep Collections Safe

Collecting unique items is a hobby that many people share. While some collections (coins) don’t tend to take up much room, others (books, cameras, or even coffee mugs) can quickly overtake your home. However, being a collector holds a lot of value and you don’t want to sacrifice the enjoyment of finding a new item because you don’t have the space. The benefits of self-storage mean that you don’t have to. By investing in an offsite, temperature-controlled unit, you’ll keep your collection safe and secure without having to hold back on growing it.

4. Flexible Accessibility

Many people think that self-storage units will lead to problems with accessing their belongings. However, most facilities offer individual access codes to offset this issue. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to access your things 24/7, extended hours are scheduled well before and after the average workday. Try to find a storage facility that offers accessibility between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. to ensure that you can retrieve your belongings at a reasonable time.

5. Space for Home Renovations

Undergoing a home renovation is a stressful time, but the results are well worth it. One of the most overlooked benefits of self-storage units is the ability to increase workable space during these types of construction projects. If you plan on renovating your kitchen, a self-storage unit allows you to take things you won’t need out of the cabinets and place them safely and securely out of the way. This can reduce the risk of damage and eliminate unnecessary clutter in other rooms of your home. The same mentality can be applied for other types of home renovations.

6. Professional Wine Storage

Some self-storage facilities offer professional wine storage solutions. This is a great option for the wine enthusiasts that have a growing collection. Wine cellar storage conditions require optimal temperature and humidity levels to help sustain the wine’s natural aroma and flavor over time. Always make sure that your prospective storage facility maintains an average of 55 degrees with 60-70% humidity to maximize the conditions for wine storage.

7. Long-Term Savings

Renting out a self-storage unit is an additional investment, but over time it can offer long-term savings. This is because it reduces the amount of square footage you need in a home. While this doesn’t mean you need to downsize to a tiny apartment, even small changes make a difference in the final price tag. Pairing your home with a self-storage unit gives you the benefit of excess space for keeping infrequently used items without having to pay a higher rental cost or down payment.

8. Business Storage Solutions

Many people don’t realize this, but self-storage benefits extend to commercial businesses as well. Small businesses can benefit from commercial storage in several ways. Since self-storage units tend to be less expensive than the commercial rental price-per-square-foot of brick-and-mortar shops, you can save money on overhead costs. By storing extra inventory, archived documents, and excess supplies within your self-storage unit, you’ll lower the size requirements of your business to help mitigate the rising costs of rent.

Commercial self-storage benefits also allow for increased efficiency within your storefront, added security for sensitive information, and more. You can utilize self-storage space for several industries, such as painting and roofing, landscaping, construction, office use, retail, eCommerce, and more. Just make sure that you adhere to your facility’s rules and regulations regarding commercial use.

9. Short-Term Moving Help

Self-storage benefits can also extend to moving. When you’re transitioning between homes, it can be stressful to organize all of your belongings into boxes or unpack everything without feeling cluttered. Short-term self-storage for moving is a great way to give yourself time and space to pack, or unpack, your home. By utilizing a nearby unit, you’ll be able to unpack a few boxes at a time, which can actually expedite the entire process while reducing stress. Some ways that self-storage benefits extend to moving include streamlined decluttering process, an easier time moving in and unpacking, and can help renters who need to stay in a transitionary place while they’re between apartments or homes.

10. Helps with Downsizing

While short-term self-storage options are great for moving, long-term units can benefit families or individuals looking to downsize altogether. Whether you’re moving to a smaller home, gearing up for retirement, or just looking to create a more minimalistic interior aesthetic, self-storage can help. With flexible leasing options, you’ll be able to keep things you don’t need offsite so you can figure out your next move. This can include things like antique furniture, family heirlooms, unique collector’s items, excess clothing, and more. Just make sure that you opt for a self-storage facility with security and climate-controlled storage options to keep your belongings protected.

11. Secure Protection of Belongings

Finally, self-storage benefits include the protection of your belongings. By investing in climate-controlled units, you’ll ensure that changing humidity levels or fluctuating temperatures don’t ruin your things. You’ll also receive top-of-the-line security that helps discourage thieves and burglars. In fact, many self-storage units have facilities with CCTV, alarm systems, and unique access gates to reduce the chance of unwanted people entering the premises. This can help you stay confident that your things are protected, regardless of the time of year. For added assurance, always consider the benefits of self-storage tenant insurance, which can give you financial protection to cover worst case scenarios.

There are several benefits of self-storage units, but it’s important that you find the right facility for your needs. The Lock Up Self Storage provides both short- and long-term self-storage options in cities across the country. Our units are great for families looking to downsize, relocate, or simply enjoy more usable space within their home. We offer flexible leasing options alongside a variety of storage sizes, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs. As an added bonus, all of our units are temperature-controlled and climate-controlled to keep your things in the best condition possible. Our facilities are also equipped with top-of-the-line security features including security-controlled gate access, motion-sensitive lighting, 24-hour camera monitoring, and perimeter alarms. Many of our locations offer electronic coded access specific to each tenant. To reap the benefits of self-storage tenant insurance, you can add our comprehensive Protection Plan to your lease. This gives you coverage for your property up to $5,000 per unit. To learn more about the pricing, or to find a storage unit near you, call us at 1-866-327-LOCK today!