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Baby Furniture
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You made it through the nine months of anticipation, the birth, and the first 12 months of sleep deprived nights. Congratulations! Having a baby can take a lot out of parents emotionally, but also financially. There are so many things that you need for the baby’s room. And before you know it, you’re out of one phase and into another.

At 12 months, all the infant clothes you had collected for baby are probably now too small. And perhaps you’re beginning to think that you need to clear stuff out to make room for the next phase of your child’s development. But, before you do that, consider what your family’s future plans are. Do you and your partner want to have another child? Are you already trying? Are you already expecting? Well, you’re going to need exactly the same things when baby #2 comes along. The Lock Up Self Storage has the perfect solution for you…a climate controlled self storage unit.

Depending on how much you’ll want to store, the Lock Up has a variety of sizes available in their climate controlled units. If it’s just infant related items like clothes, a 5′ x 5′ space would be perfect. Not only can you fit several boxes, but there should be a little extra wiggle room to add items in as you find that you or your baby no longer need them such as the bassinet or the rocking chair. A larger self storage unit may be useful if you purchase or inherit furniture that you’ll want to use in your growing child’s room.

The Lock Up’s climate controlled units are a much better solution than storing the baby’s things in a hot, muggy attic or a damp, dirty basement. We keep our units at an ideal steady temperature and humidity level which ensures that whatever you store won’t suffer a warped, cracked or mildew-y future and you’ll be able to take your items out of storage, ready to go.

Imagine how much you can save by keeping all of your first baby’s things instead of having to buy them all over again. With The Lock Up’s affordable month to month leases, you’ll likely end up spending less to store the items than buying them again.

If you’re in need of a clean, dry, secure, climate controlled self storage unit, visit today!