The Lock Up: Remodeler’s Assistant

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When the weather is nice, it’s time to make home renovations that you simply cannot do during winter. For example, nobody wants to open all the windows to let a freshly painted room air out…and many remodeling jobs require use of adhesives or caulking that cannot cure in cold temperatures. Due to the possibility of damage to furniture, wall hangings, and clothing from activities like scraping, sanding and painting, the best option is to move everything out so that you don’t have to worry about workers wreaking havoc on your belongings. But then you suffer the headache of dealing with a constant game of juggling items throughout the home when one room is being worked on. And what if you have a number of rooms you want to fix? Well, we have the solution: a Lock Up Self Storage unit.

The Lock Up is the perfect assistant to your remodeling jobs. We have storage units that are climate controlled, which means that your belongings will be stored in the perfect conditions (even for delicate items or electronics!). Our facilities are secure and use 24 hour security monitoring to ensure that your items are safe while staying with us.

If you are having items sent to you, such as new window dressings or custom built pieces, you can arrange to have them shipped to your Lock Up location instead of your home. This will bring peace of mind that your new items are not sitting unattended on your porch all day while you’re at work. Just be sure to let the manager of your location know to expect a delivery and you’re good to go.

No matter how large or small your project is, we have a storage unit that will fit your belongings. Also, no matter how long you plan on your remodeling job taking, we can accommodate your stay. New leases are month to month, so start with a unit that’s big enough to store all the items in the room you want to work on first. If you decide to go ahead and re-do another room, simply extend your Lock Up lease! We are here to help you!

Visit today to find and secure your perfect remodeling assistant self storage unit. We often have great deals available only online, and you can even complete the whole transaction online!