The Lock Up: Your Personal Basement

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A recent study conducted by Redfin indicates that homeownership in the US is on the decline and that more people are searching out rental properties. With leases typically lasting only one year, this means that many people will find themselves in transition more often than if they owned their home. We at The Lock Up understand what it means to have your life in flux. That is exactly why we provide a safe, secure location for you to store your personal belongings. And we go the extra mile to make storing your items as easy as possible.

If your lease is up and you’re on the hunt for another apartment, you just might want to get a Lock Up Self Storage unit. It can help in ways you may not have considered.

Imagine this: you found your dream apartment. It’s close to your job, so your commute time drastically changes, it’s near great restaurants, has parking, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private deck. In short, it’s perfect…except for one thing…it’s severely lacking in precious closet and storage space that you require. Since you’re renting and don’t have a basement or attic to throw all those things that you have to keep, but don’t necessarily need on a day to day basis, you have to have a place to keep it all. Well, don’t let the fact that your dream pad is storage deficient deter you from signing that lease. Instead, consider The Lock Up as your own personal basement.

You see, the basement serves as a fulcrum for the balancing act of a home’s stuff. It’s where things go when you can’t find space in your living areas, when you are done using them, but know you’ll need them again sometime in the future; it’s where you store your holiday decorations, your winter stuff in the summer, and your summer stuff in the winter.

But if your choice living situation does not have such an area, you must find a place that can serve this purpose. A place where you can confidently place your items and know that they’re going to be exactly where you left them and in the same condition. A Lock Up self storage unit is the perfect place. In fact, it’s even better than a damp basement or hot attic because our facilities provide climate controlled storage units which are kept at steady temperatures and humidity levels that won’t damage your belongings.

So go ahead and sign that lease for your dream pad. And then visit to secure your personal basement, ahem…self storage unit.