Tips for a Successful Lock Up Auction


Every month, The Lock Up Self Storage facilities hold auctions to sell off the contents of abandoned storage units. If you’re the type that loves picking through garage sales or thrift stores for hidden treasures, then attending a Lock Up auction is definitely up your alley. Here are some tips on how to make your auction experience a fun and (hopefully) profitable one.

  • Arrive at the location on time or better yet, early. You wouldn’t want to miss any of the precious moments that you have to peer into the unit.
  • Bring a strong flashlight or hand held spotlight. You are not allowed to step over the threshold of the unit so you want to be able to illuminate the farthest, darkest corner to be able to get a gauge on what the contents are. Don’t bring anything that requires an outlet though, as that may not be an option.
  • Wear clothes that you don’t care about. Depending on the unit that you bid on, there may be dirty, greasy items that you’ll have to contend with and your clothes will catch the brunt of that.
  • Bring extra boxes with you. Not all people are experts at organizing and you may decide to bid on a unit that needs some serious reorganizing.
  • Be sure to have your entire day set aside. Once you win a bid on a unit, you only have 24 hours to completely clear the unit. That may mean you’ll be sorting and arranging your newly acquired items for hours.
  • Bring a willing friend to help. If you win a unit that has heavy items like furniture or appliances, you’ll probably need some help moving things.
  • Drive a truck or van to the auction. Arriving in a compact car won’t help you when you score a unit full of goodies. You need to have a vehicle that can haul all the things that come in the unit, or at least help to cut down on the number of trips to and from the facility until the unit is cleared.

Be sure to check the News section of The Lock Up Self Storage at the beginning of every month for the listings of auctions.


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