Tips on Packing Up Your Kitchen


Summertime is a popular time to move. The weather is nice for the move and it’s a great time to settle into a new place. If you’ve got a move in your future, we’ve got some suggestions on how to pack up one of the most difficult rooms in a home – the kitchen. So many different, breakable and dangerous items (like knives!) can make packing up a kitchen seem daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some great packing tips for packing up items in that seemingly difficult-to-pack room:

  • Get what are called cell packs for your glassware. These are cardboard pieces configured into a grid that allows items to have their own little space. These are great for glasses, stemware, vases and any other breakable small items. You can pack them all together, but they are protected from one another. A much better option than throwing all these things into one box with newspaper and hoping for the best.
  • Get heavy duty boxes of varying sizes. Plates and serving implements can often be heavy and cumbersome. Flimsy boxes usually cannot contain such items without breaking. Boxes for copier paper are perfect. They’re a good size and incredibly sturdy. Try to not pack boxes so that they’re really heavy…that will only increase the risk that they’ll be dropped in transit.
  • Sort through your pots and pans to find the best way to stack them according to size. Being able to fit smaller pots in larger ones will help you to economize in your packing space. Pack all your pots in pans in dedicated boxes so that you’ll be able to easily find them in your new kitchen.
  • Knives are tricky to pack. Corks left over from wine bottles are really good to place over the tips of sharp knives. Get a large roll of bubble wrap and have extra clean towels on hand. These are both great for packing sharp knives. Instead of having them loose in a box, lay out a towel or bubble wrap and lay one row of knives. Roll the towel over them so they’re completely covered, lay out another row of utensils and repeat. At the end, wrap some tape around the roll and label it. Now all your knives are in one area, easily moveable, not dangerous and labeled.
  • Always clearly label all sealed boxes.
  • Small appliances like blenders, juicers, rice cookers and the like should be packed with all their accessories. Cords, blades, lids, etc should all go in the same box.
  • Be sure to have large plastic zip up bags for messy things like oils and cooking ingredients that you want to transport.

If you need to store items because your new kitchen doesn’t have space for everything, be sure to visit to find  a Lock Up Self Storage facility near you.

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