Summertime Life Hacks




Good weather means good times with good friends and family. Whether it’s hosting a backyard barbeque or going to the pool or beach, gathering together to enjoy the sunshine is a great way to spend your free summer hours. We at The Lock Up love helping our clients organize their lives, but we also like to give helpful tips for making life more manageable and, in this case, more fun. Here are some summertime life hacks we’ve compiled that will help make this summer one to remember.


  • A Breeze At The Beach
    Throw a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. At the end of your day, sprinkle some powder wherever you’re sandy and it will come off much easier.
    Another hack for keeping sand at bay is to bring along zip lock bags to store sensitive items like phones in while you go for a dip in the water.
  • Safety First
    Take an old bottle of sunscreen (make sure it has a wide mouth) and clean it out to use as a secret storage place for keys, money or IDs. No one will be the wiser!
  • Cold Drinks To The Rescue
    Don’t throw away those empty water bottles! Give them new life by filling them halfway with water and freezing them. Whenever you want a cold drink on the go, grab one and fill with the beverage of your choice and hit the pool, yard, or beach…but promise that you won’t leave them on the beach. Be sure to recycle them!
    Another great hack for keeping adult beverages cold is to throw some green grapes in the freezer. They’ll act like ice cubes, won’t water down your drink, and can even compliment drinks like white wine.
  • Stay Cool
    The worst part of summer is getting into a hot car, specifically having to touch the sizzling hot steering wheel that’s been baking in the sun. Here’s a good hack…when you park, turn the wheel as far as you can. This will put the top of the wheel out of the sun’s rays and when you get in, it won’t feel like molten lava.

Have a helpful summertime life hack? We want to hear it!

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