The Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storage

Choosing Between an Indoor Storage Unit and a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Most cities in the United States experience extreme temperatures. Regardless of where you’re located, you’re probably not immune to the heat waves in the dead of summer and the freezing temperature drops in the midst of winter. These extreme temperatures create problems for our things—especially when we need to store them for long periods of time. If you’re using a self storage unit that isn’t climate controlled, you might as well just leave your things outside. Without climate controlled storage units, your possessions have no protection from the extreme temperatures, constant fluctuations, and rising humidity levels. Over time, they’ll eventually be destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Even the smallest fluctuations can create unnecessary wear-and-tear on fragile items. That’s where climate control comes in. Climate control helps to maintain a regular temperature over time, often with added protection from humidity. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the benefits of climate controlled storage and how to find a facility.

1. Temperature Protection

The Benefits of Temperature Controlled StorageIn almost all regions in the United States, temperatures fluctuate regularly throughout the year. These fluctuations can lead to substantial damages to sensitive items when they’re not protected. During the summer in many areas, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. While many things can last being in high temperatures for short periods of time, the longer they’re exposed to elevated temperatures, the faster they’re going to deteriorate. Similarly, during winters, temperatures that drop below freezing can have catastrophic effects on your personal belongings. The more fragile an object is, the more susceptible it is to damage from extreme temperatures.

The best way to protect your possessions is through the use of climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage provides protection from the extreme temperatures outside and makes sure that nothing gets damaged. There are hundreds of personal items that benefit from climate controlled storage, so the decision should be a no brainer.

2. A Reduction in Fluctuations

In addition to providing protection from extreme temperatures, climate controlled storage units allow you to reduce the amount of fluctuations over the course of a day, a month, or even a year. Climate controlled self storage units are set at a precise temperature and are always kept consistent. This helps to add even more protection to your sensitive items, documents, or antiques. A reduction in temperature fluctuations means that you’ll experience less warping, fading, cracks, and breakage over time.

3. Increased Air Quality

When you opt for a climate controlled self storage unit, you’re going to experience a far better air quality than self storage units without it. While a lot of people don’t seem to think about the air quality of their storage units, it makes a big impact on how your things age over time. Standard self storage units aren’t 100% sealed to keep things in or out, yet there are no designated ventilation systems created to increase air circulation. That leaves you with stagnate air, which can become dirty or soiled. To reduce the chances of poor air quality ruining your things, many people with standard self storage units will need to go to their unit, open the door, and let their things breath. When you opt for a climate controlled self storage unit, the air will be circulated through the facility and kept clean, regardless of how many times you open the door. This is especially prudent when it comes to care for any electronic devices and other fragile items.

4. Protection Against Dust Accumulation

The Benefits of Temperature Controlled StorageIf you plan on putting your things into standard storage for long periods of time, you shouldn’t be surprised when you open your unit and find a large accumulation of dust. Most standard self storage units don’t take the proper precautions to make sure that outside elements don’t enter the storage area. This means, in addition to potentially unfit conditions, a lot of dust and general debris over time. When you opt for a climate controlled unit, you’ll get access to a storage facility that’s taken added measures to securely seal and insulate all openings for the best, most efficient climate control. This also means that you’ll get protection against excess dust accumulation and debris which will not be able to enter your unit. The less dust or debris that enters your self storage unit, the longer your things will stay in good quality during storage. Climate control allows you to keep your things in the best condition for years, even decades, if needed.

5. Little to No Pest Problems

The Benefits of Temperature Controlled StorageJust as standard storage units allow excess dust and debris to enter due to improper or incomplete seals, pests will also find their way in. Small rodents, insects, and even birds can make their way into small openings and create nests amongst your things. They’re drawn to the protection of a covered area from the harsh elements and after some time, their inhabitation will lead to deterioration of your personal belongings. Moths eat away at fabrics, small rodents cause a mess, and birds can pick apart your things to create nests. With a climate controlled self storage unit you’ll experience little to no pest problems. This means that you won’t open up your storage unit to find your items ruined, soiled, or made into homes with pests still living in them. While climate controlled self storage units tend to be a few dollars more per month, they’re worth the investment. If you opt for standard self storage units with no climate control, the chances of you finding your possessions ruined or in need of a major cleaning—both of which will cost more than the original investment of climate control—are much higher.

6. Prevents Corrosion

Over time, things that are exposed to extreme elements tend to corrode faster than those that are kept in constant environments. When you opt for self storage with climate control, you’ll prevent corrosion and keep your things looking like new for years. It doesn’t matter if you need storage for a few months or a few years, anything stored for longer than a week will start to show signs of damage if exposed to harsh, uncontrolled temperatures.

7. Humidity Control

The Benefits of Temperature Controlled StorageTemperature control does not mean the same thing as climate control. Temperature control is like air conditioning and it only focuses on keeping a consistent temperature, where climate control involves the entire environment—including humidity control. Humidity is one of the worst things your possessions can be expose to, so it’s important to opt for climate control to get full coverage from the elements.

8. Better Long-Term Storage

The Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storage

The longer you need to keep your things in storage, the more likely they’re going to get ruined. If you’re storing electronics, furniture, artwork, sensitive clothing, important documents, wine, antiques, musical instruments, makeup, collectibles, appliances, photographs, anything with leather, or a number of different items for longer than a few days, you’re going to need climate controlled self storage. These items will end up ruined or broken if you do not use climate control, as the fluctuating temperatures, changing humidity levels, and extreme highs and lows can cause irreparable damages. As many of these items are irreplaceable or expensive, the extra investment is well worth it in the long run.

9. Added Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, one of the biggest benefits of climate controlled The Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storagestorage is the added peace of mind that you’ll get knowing your things are in good hands. While climate controlled storage units tend to cost a little more money, they are well worth it in the long run. Not having to worry about whether your things are in good condition for weeks, months, or even years will allow you to sit back and enjoy life.

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