The Lock Up – An Office Manager’s Best Friend

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The task of managing an office environment can entail many details. Most day to day issues deal with ensuring the office and its employees are operating smoothly. Scheduling and managing an office support staff is a monumental task, and when you throw in having to deal with the actual physical well being of an office, it can become overwhelming. If your business isn’t fortunate to have a dedicated staff member to manage supply ordering, inventory and organizing files, or if you’re a self starting entrepreneur who wears many hats, The Lock Up can be a lifesaver.

At The Lock Up, we have options that can help to alleviate clutter in an office. If all you need is to move some extra boxes of paperwork out of the office, a small self storage unit can open up floor space in your office. But we also have large spaces that can house extra furniture like conference tables that need to be stored if you need space for extra desks to handle new workloads. Whatever your storage needs, we have the space, and we have climate controlled units that will protect your items from heat, cold and fluctuating humidity levels.

Another perk of having The Lock Up on your side is that you can store inventory or sales samples. This is a great solution for small offices not only because it keeps boxes that clutter out of the work area, but also because The Lock Up will receive deliveries of such goods as well. So instead of having supplies sent to the office and then needing to transport them to your storage unit, just have them sent directly to the facility. Simply arrange with the manager on duty and the deliveries can even be brought right to your unit.

We have locations that are convenient for most businesses and office hours that match most business’ hours of operation. Our facilities boast state of the art security measures such as electronic coded entry and video surveillance so you can rest assured your items are safe.

Visit today to find out how easy it is to have The Lock Up Self Storage be your ally in office management!