How to Pack Fragile Items


Moving is a balancing act of sheer brawn and thoughtfulness. You need the muscles to physically move objects from one place to another and the thoughtfulness comes into play before you ever get to that point. Logistics plays a large part in any move. If you’re moving from anywhere other than a college dorm room, you’ve most likely got items that are delicate and that you value. This is where the thoughtfulness of pre-planning can make your move a success. Once you’ve successfully moved into your new pad, you can sit back and sip on some bubbly from your freshly unpacked (and unchipped) crystal flute. Here are some tips on how to prep delicate items for a big move.

You’ll need the proper packing supplies such as, boxes, padding, packing tape, and markers to label your boxes. You may actually already have some of the packing necessities at home.  If you have the cases for your china, those should be used. If you don’t (like many younger, unmarried couples), never fret, you don’t need them. Plastic bins are a great cheap investment for a move. Not only will the sturdy sides protect any delicate items, the handles will make them easier to carry and there’s no worries about the bottom breaking open. And once you unpack them, they can store other items like off season clothes. Be sure to pick up some of varying sizes to accommodate odds and ends from large to small.

Padding needs depend on the items being packed. If you’ve saved styrofoam packing peanuts, you’re in luck, you finally have a reason to use them. If you haven’t, a great substitute is to use the shredded paper from a paper shredder. Get going on all of those documents that have been waiting to get shredded for months. Finally all of the junk mail and credit card applications that come in the mail will go to good use and you’ll have killed two birds with one stone. Shredded paper is great for packing delicate knick knacks, vases and glassware because it fills in all the nooks and crannies, cradling and protecting each item. Saving newspapers is also helpful. Just be sure to wrap items in either paper towels, butcher paper or brown paper to keep them from getting stained by the black ink on newspapers. If you have them, paper or styrofoam plates are helpful for packing plates on top of each other.

Now you’re ready to pack. Put a layer of padding on the bottom of the box. When packing stackable items, place heavier pieces on the bottom, lighter pieces on top, and be sure to not pack the box too heavy to carry. Pack glasses together and never pack them stacked directly inside one another unless each one is wrapped heavily individually. Pack odd shaped items together by placing your items in a layer and pouring in your shredded paper to create padding between each one. Clearly label each box as what’s inside and FRAGILE.

Have any other handy tips on how to move fragile items? Share them here! And be sure to visit to find the nearest Lock Up Self Storage for your packing needs.


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