Lock Up Halloween Hacks – Part Two


Jack-o-LanternsLast time, we shared Halloween Hacks to make your Halloween festivities fun and stress free. Now that the actual All Hallows Eve is upon us, we want to get ahead of the game and share some more life hacks to help you with the inevitable aftermath of having to clean up and store your Halloween goodies until next year.

  • Blood on the Carpet Stain Removal
    If your party is a success, chances are you’ll have to do some cleanup after the bloody zombies track through your house. Here are a few tips to remove fake blood from your carpet: remove as much of the stain as you can by gently blotting the carpet with a white paper towel. Do not rub in circles as this will deepen the stain into the carpet fibers! If need be, scrape the dried blood with a dull knife. Use an oxygen based detergent and gently blot onto the spot until saturated. Then spray water onto the area to rinse it and blot up the remaining stain. If this doesn’t fully remove the stain, pour a little club soda onto it, then pour enough salt onto the bloody stain to cover it. Let sit for one day & vacuum.
  • Prepare for next year
    Every year it seems like a guessing game as to how much candy you should buy for the Trick or Treaters. This year, keep the empty bags left over and at the end of the night, tally them up. Put this number into your phone’s calendar and also note what the weather was like so you’ll remember what the flow of Trick or Treaters was like. Next year, just look on your calendar when you’re in the candy aisle & you won’t have to end up empty handed at 7pm!
  • Don’t throw away your vinyl cling window decorations
    After all the ghosts and ghouls have left the building, peel the window clings off and place them onto a piece of tinfoil. Take another piece of tinfoil and seal up the edges. Place these at the bottom of the box of your decorations & they’ll be ready for you next year.
  • Pack Halloween kids books with the decorations
    While packing up your cauldrons and skeletons, be sure to gather up the Halloween themed books your kids have been reading all month. First, it’s no fun to read “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in April. Secondly, next year when you begin to unpack your decorations for Halloween, the books will get your kids excited & thinking about their costumes early…so you don’t have to stay up all night sewing their costume the night before the big Halloween parade at school.
  • Get yourself a Lock Up Self Storage unit to put your boxes of Halloween decorations into so that you can literally keep the skeletons out of your closets!


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