Remodeling Your Home Is Easier When You Use Self Storage


We all know that when the weather gets nice there’s only so much time left before winter returns; that means it’s time to do any remodeling or improvements your home may need.  If you’re not very handy that could mean having crews of workers going in and out of your home.  Most big home improvements entail dust and debris as well.  Having to live in a maze of displaced furniture and protecting your great grandmother’s hutch or your delicate china set needn’t be an additional source of stress.  The Lock Up Self Storage facilities provide you with a clean and secure location to safely store all of your valuables, keeping your home work zone less cluttered and more worker friendly.

Once you properly pack up your furniture and delicate items, you can use one of the Lock Up Self Storage facility’s free move in trucks to safely transport your items away from the dusty work zone and into a clean and safe space.  Whether you’re refinishing your hardwood floors, installing new windows, remodeling various rooms in your home or all of the above, a Lock Up Self Storage unit is the perfect place to keep your furniture and valuables safe and secure while all the work is being done.

Here are some tips for moving larger furniture:

  • Wrap moving pads or blankets around the pieces to protect them during the move.
  • Moving a large piece to the doorway to get it out of the house is easier if you use a towel or a blanket underneath so that it slides easily on the floor.
  • Always use your legs to lift, not your back.  Squat and lift the piece, keeping your back straight and the furniture close to your body.
  • Use moving straps to lift heavy items with two people.  These are special straps that are designed to distribute weight evenly based on leverage which makes it easier on you and your back.
  • Lift furniture from its strongest point.
  • Remove smaller parts from furniture, such as drawers, to lighten your load.

Have plans for a major remodeling job in your home?  Find the Lock Up Self Storage facility nearest you by calling 866-327-LOCK.


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