Self Storage Units Allow for the Fun in Life


It’s happened to the best of us.  You’re perusing Craigslist for fun and come across something you’ve been dreaming about owning, but simply don’t have the room to store…something like a jet ski.  You’ve daydreamed about gliding effortlessly across the surface of Lake Michigan, wind blowing in your hair; and now you’re looking at an ad for the perfect one.  You can afford it and you probably deserve it, but maybe you live in a condo or perhaps your wife’s crafting supplies are taking up half of the garage and you have nowhere to store this gem.  Need a solution?  Think about a climate controlled Lock Up Self Storage facility.  Not only can you store your jet ski there, but you’ll also be ensuring that it’s protected from harsh weather conditions that your garage most likely can’t do.

With over 30 convenient locations, you can easily find a Lock Up Self Storage facility between your house and the beach.  Go rent the 10’x20′ storage unit which is equivalent to a one car garage and you’ll have plenty of room for your new acquisition plus any other odds and ends you want to store.   Once you’ve gotten settled, anytime you feel the need for speed, you can hit up the Lock Up, hitch your jet ski to your truck, head to the beach and go zip around on the water.  When you’re done, just stop back by the Lock Up, drop off your jet ski in your secure self storage unit and head home knowing that your summer water toy is safe and sound until your next voyage.

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Have you ever passed up an item that you really wanted simply because you thought you didn’t have the space for it?  Let us know how a Lock Up Self Storage facility could have helped you.


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