Using Short Term Self Storage for Moving

Using Short Term Self Storage for Moving

When it’s time to move from one home to another, the process is stressful. There’s a period of time where you feel like you don’t have a home and finding a place for all of your things is frustrating. Yes, you can keep everything in the moving truck, but that’s expensive and doesn’t offer the best security. Instead of scrambling around and trying to find a place for your things during this transition, try short term self storage. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about using short term self storage for moving.

The Difference Between Long Term and Short Term Storage

People need storage for different reasons. Some people are moving into temporary housing, some want to keep their home decluttered, and others only need a place to store their things for a short period of time. There’s no right or wrong way to use a self storage facility—especially if it helps you achieve what you need to. However, if you’re going to use self storage during a move, there’s a few things you should keep in mind.

Using Short Term Self Storage for MovingFirst of all, there’s a huge difference between long term and short term storage. The packing, preparing, and storing will be different depending on how long you plan to keep your things in your self storage unit. To make sure that you’re packing efficiently, ask yourself whether or not you think you’re going to need access to things right away. Short term self storage for moving is a great option for people who know they’re going to unpack everything from their previous home and find a place for it in their new home. Conversely, long term self storage for moving is a good idea to consider if you’re downsizing, but don’t want to get rid of anything.

If you’re going to exclusively use short term self storage for moving, don’t worry about over-protecting your things. Using simple furniture pads will suffice rather than investing in intensive packing materials like high-quality dust covers. Your things likely won’t have time to gather much dust and there will be minimal risks of moisture damage. With that being said, you should take the same precaution with fragile items—accidents can happen at any time.

For both long term and short term self storage for moving, we recommend leaving a little pathway or aisle so you can access all of your things without moving them around. This will help you prioritize which boxes to take out first and allow you to access things if you’re storing them long term. To make this easier, always label your boxes and try to pack things in categories or by room.

If you’re storing clothes for long periods of time, consider vacuum-sealing them to avoid damage and eliminate the ability for pests to get in. Invest in some pallets to keep your boxes and appliances off of the floor and make sure you clean, and dry, everything thoroughly before storing it.

How Short Term Self Storage Makes Moving Easier

A lot of people never consider using short term self storage for moving, but it’s extremely beneficial. Here are a few of the top benefits of using short term self storage during a move.

Streamlined DeclutteringEasier Move-in and Decluttering

Moving is a great time to go through everything and do some decluttering. When you’re packing for your move, you’ll need to go through everything you own and prepare it for either storage or moving. Make boxes of things that you don’t think you’re going to need anymore during this time, but don’t get rid of them yet. A lot of people get rid of things too quickly during a move and come to regret it later. Using self storage will let you think about whether or not you really want to get rid of something. When you start moving things from your storage unit back into your new home, you can revisit these items and decide then. If you don’t want to get rid of them after all, but don’t find a use for them in your new home, simply keep your self storage unit for longer.

Easier Move-in Process

How to Take the Stress Out of Moving with KidsIf you don’t have a short term self storage unit during your move, you’re going to open your doors and find a home littered with boxes. As we know, they can take months to actually unpack and the feeling of anxiety that comes with a box-filled home can make adjusting difficult. Make the move-in process easier by using a short term self storage unit. You’ll be able to go to your unit regularly and get boxes in smaller hauls so that you can unpack as you adjust to life in your new home. Plus, you’ll have a better opportunity to evaluate your new space and decide how you want to decorate it. When everything you own is sporadically laid out, designing a room will take a lot of moving furniture and boxes back and forth until you find the right fit.

Beneficial for Renters

If you need to rent a place in between moves, short term self storage is a great way to avoid transferring your belongings from one place to the next. Anything that you won’t immediately need while you’re waiting to move into your forever home is best kept in short term self storage. This way, you won’t risk losing things, breaking them, or having to pack, unpack, and re-pack again.

How to Find the Best Short Term Self Storage Option for Moving

Just because you’re only going to be using short term self storage for moving doesn’t mean you should settle for a low quality facility. Even keeping things in a storage unit for a month can cause damage if they’re not stored properly. Instead, find the best short term self storage option for moving using the following guidelines.

Consider Your Needs

Commercial Storage Tips for BusinessesHow much are you going to be storing? Are you planning on using a self storage unit for all of your things or do you anticipate moving in furniture and appliances right away? Consider your needs so you can find a size that’s best for you. Avoid getting something too small, as you want to be able to access things when you need them. At the same time, avoid opting for a unit that’s too big so you don’t waste money on storage space you don’t need.

Think About Location

Look at the storage options around your new home, not your old home. You’ll make the move from your old home to your self storage unit with a moving truck and then you’ll gradually move things from your self storage unit to your new home with your car. If you get something that’s close to your old home, you’re going to end up wasting time and energy driving back and forth to unpack.

Opt for Flexible Leasing

Find a company that offers flexible leasing. This way, if you decide to continue using your short term self storage unit for long term storage, you won’t have to pack everything up and move to a new facility. Flexible leasing options are a great way to make sure that can make changes once you’ve settled in.

Double Check Amenities

When inquiring about facilities, always double-check their amenities. The main thing you’ll want to look for is whether or not the self storage unit is climate controlled. Even short term self storage units should be climate controlled because when they’re not, your things have a higher chance of getting ruined.

Pay for Security

Self storage facilities that lack security features should be avoided, especially if you’re storing most of your belongings there. Instead, find a self storage facility that takes security seriously. Gated access, CCTV, and alarm systems are a must.

Plan Ahead

Can I Rent a Self-Storage Unit Without Insurance?Don’t wait until the week before your move to look for a short term self storage unit. Plan ahead and make sure you’re ready for the big day without any extra stress. If you want to make sure that you’re finding the best short term self storage option for your move, you need to give yourself the time to do so. If you wait too long, things can book out or you might skip certain parts of the research process—both of which can come back to cause problems in the future. It’s always better to be prepared and enjoy a smooth transition during a move rather than scramble and feel anxious throughout the entire process.

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