Solutions for Holiday Serving Gear Hassles from The Lock Up


Thanksgiving is upon us. For many, this means pulling out all of your fancy serving ware and china for the big gathering of friends and family. If you have a home large enough to house all the tureens, serving platters and punchbowls, consider yourself lucky. If you’re like many other condo and apartment dwellers, you likely don’t have space for all those goodies and need to keep such accouterment in a Lock Up Self Storage space. But once they’re taken out of storage for the holiday season, you may want to keep them around for the December holidays and for a New Year’s celebration as well. Here are some organizing tips for all your festive party gear so you can keep them handy during the holidays.

  • Use a flat plastic bin for odd serving utensils. You can find these in all different sizes and they’re perfect for storing serving spoons, ladles, cheese slicers, etc. Basically all of the silverware and serving items that you don’t use in everyday life can be stored in one or more of these bins and then stacked on top of each other. Use old towels layered between the pieces and to pack them in securely. This storage technique will keep every odd serving utensil handy without being unwieldy.
  • For larger items such as tureens, fondue sets and large bowls, consider clearing out a shelf or two in your bookshelf for the holiday season. Box up whatever’s on your shelves that you can do without for a few months and store that in your Lock Up Self Storage unit. Then you can freely display your holiday serving items for the time that you need access to them.
  • For special china sets, use whatever method you normally store them in such as original containers, special quilted storage boxes or even sturdy cardboard boxes with paper plates to separate each piece. After each holiday event, clean and pack up the set and store it somewhere safe and easily accessible in your home until the season is over. Like the bookshelf, you could even pack up some items in your closet that you won’t need for a while (think summer shoes) and store your packed up china there.

Hopefully this gives you ideas of how to use your Lock Up Self Storage unit in a more dynamic way in order to reduce the stresses of holiday celebrations.

Have any other tips for storing holiday accouterments? Share them with us here!

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