Things to Remember When Moving In Winter


The summertime is the most popular time to move from one home to another. But sometimes, that simply isn’t an option. The one perk of moving during off peak seasons is that securing movers or a moving van is much easier. The rest requires some planning and forethought because of the inclement weather you may face during your move. Here are a few tips that could make your winter move a little easier.

  • Before your move, if you’re moving things with your own car, truck or van, you’ll want to make sure that the engine has been winterized and that your tires are filled to the correct pressure.
  • Use large pieces of cardboard or heavy duty plastic around all entryways from the outside for both your old and new abodes. Be sure to tape them to the ground so they don’t move. This will protect the floors of the place you’re leaving as well as the floors of your new home. You certainly don’t want to track in mud, salt and snow or rain in either location.
  • Keep track of where your snow shovel is and keep it handy. It’s much easier to walk through a shoveled walkway than one that has even an inch of snow on it. You’ll also want to shovel any parking spaces.
  • Have a bag of salt or sand at each location. In a pinch, cat litter can work too. Scatter over any icy areas and this will help to ensure that those areas have traction and that nobody will slip and fall.
  • Be sure to have a weather app available so that you can track any storm cells. The last thing you want is to be surprised by a sudden torrential downpour while moving boxes.
  • Have plenty of warm clothes available. Items like hats, gloves, scarves, heavy jackets will be welcome once you feel the winter chill. Those heating hand inserts for gloves can really help out too.
  • Hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate and tea are a welcome respite from the biting cold.
  • Be sure that the power and heat at your new place is up and running.

If you make sure to include these steps into your move, you’ll have a much easier move, even if you encounter inclement weather.

Do you have any other tips for moving during winter? Share them with us here!

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