As the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into Storage

As the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into Storage

As the weather starts to warm up, our daily lives begin to change. We no longer take refuge indoors and experience the wonderful feeling of longer daylight hours. The snow melts, flowers start to sprout, and we find ourselves with a home filled with things that won’t be needed for another year. Rather than having all your bulky winter necessities in the way of your summer fun, why not rent a self storage unit? It’s the perfect way to get things out of sight and out of mind until the cold creeps back into our lives. Check out our top 8 things to move into storage as the weather gets warmer.

1. Winter Gadgets and Toys

If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of winter gadgets and toys, you know how important it is to take care of them properly once the weather warms up. While it is possible to store them in your garage or home, these types of accessories are usually bulky and take up a lot of space.


Storing a snowmobile takes care and immaculate attention to detail. At the end of the day, it’s a vehicle, and one that’s usually not cheap. To make sure that your snowmobile stays in optimal condition, take the proper steps to prepare it for winter storage.

Start by cleaning the outside and getting all of the old snow, ice, and salt off of the As the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into Storageexterior. To make the results last and give it an extra protective cover, apply a layer of wax to the cleaned end product. Be diligent and make sure to get the small, hard to reach places as well.

Next, make sure that the fuel system is ready for winter storage by draining the fuel tank. Fog the engine, drain carburetor fluid, and grease or lube the necessary areas. All of these things help prevent corrosion while it’s not in use. Finally, remove the battery and the belt so you can safely put it in your storage unit. Make sure it’s raised and has a cover to ensure it stays in good condition throughout the summer months. Releasing the tension of the tracks on a snowmobile helps elongate their lifespan.

Snow Blowers

As the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into StorageA similar process is needed to store your snow blower. You’ll need to clean it, drain any excess fuel, and protect your engine. Storing gas, in any device, over long periods of time is dangerous and often not permitted in public storage units. Lubricate the necessary parts, cover your snow blower, and take it to your self storage unit.

2. Holiday Décor

The next things you should move into your storage unit when the weather gets warm are all of your holiday décor items. Some people only have a few, but others have enough to compete with Chevy Chase’s decorating skills. Regardless, you won’t be using them until it gets cold again and the holiday season starts, so there’s not much point in keeping them in your home. All it will do is take up space and create obstacles. Instead, package everything up in an organized and well-labeled manner and take your décor over to your storage unit. We recommend having a different box (or boxes) for each holiday season so that they’re easy to identify and access in your self storage unit. While you’re putting away your holiday décor, don’t forget to grab the things that you’ll need to decorate your home for Spring!

3. Snow Shovels

There’s a common love-hate relationship with snow shovels. They clear our driveways and allow us to migrate the world during winter months, but using them is a workout in and of itself—and an unappealing one at that. Rather than throwing your snow shovels in a corner of your garage, find a space for them in your self storage unit. Prior to bringing them over, make sure that they are all clean, dry, and in good condition so that you start off on a good foot next year.

4. Winter Weather Accessories

It doesn’t matter how many people are in your household, winter weather accessories always appear in an unimaginable abundance. Boots, gloves, hats, face guards, and scarves not only keep us warm during the winter, but they’re often used as a fashion accessory to give some variety to our bulky winter coats. Because of this, many families have a ton of winter gear. Go through everything for each member of your family and give them a good clean. Let everything dry completely and then pack them into their respective boxes to be taken into storage. No one wants to spend summer staring at gloves and being reminded of the inevitable cold that will return.

5. Heavy Winter Gear

As the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into StorageWith all the gloves, hats, scarves, and other small accessories out of the way, it’s time to tackle the heavier winter gear. Coats and snow pants take up a lot of room and are rarely used outside of winter. If possible, wash them yourself, otherwise take them to the dry cleaner to wash away all of the winter and get them ready for next year. We recommend using a standing coat hanger for your self storage unit to avoid ruining any expensive coats and keeping them safe from potential pests and excessive dust.

6. Winter Sports Equipment

If anyone in your family plays winter sports, include the equipment in your list of things toAs the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into Storage move into storage as the weather gets warmer. The only exception would be if someone plays at an indoor rink, in which case find a nice spot in the garage for the equipment. If it’s strictly a winter sport, follow the same process as we’ve mentioned for accessories and heavy winter gear. Get everything clean and sanitized and add in some deodorizers or air fresheners to avoid having your self storage unit smell like a moldy locker room come Spring.

Rather than throwing things into boxes, consider building your own sports equipment holder or buying one online. This will keep everything organized and make transition back into game season much easier. Find one that’s small and moveable that can easily be taken from your self storage unit to your garage and back.

7. Protective Covers

If you have a patio, grill, or summer-only vehicle, it’s time to remove the snow covers and give them some attention. However, covers can take up a lot of room and are frustrating to deal with—especially when they’re lying on the garage floor. Make sure they’re completely dry, then fold them up nicely and take them to your self storage unit. Unless you live in an area with oddly unpredictable weather, you won’t need them until it gets cold again.

8. Snow Tires or Chains

As the Weather Gets Warmer, Here are 8 Things to Move into StorageFinally, if you live in an area that requires you to change summer tires into snow tires or to add chains, you can wave goodbye to them (for a little while at least). Say good riddance to the cold weather and put your snow tires and/or chains in storage.

Regardless of what you’re putting into storage once winter ends, there are some important measures to take care of. First and foremost, make sure you clean everything properly. While it may take some time upfront, you’ll thank yourself next year when you get everything out of storage for winter. Putting away dirty or wet items can easily lead to mold or worse, the complete destruction of your items; not to mention that dirty items that are put into storage can be the perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned everything, create a plan to organize your winter items in your self storage unit. As with all of our suggestions, place big, bulky items that you won’t need to access in the back of your unit and create a layout that won’t make getting to things impossible. Rather than cramping everything into a small space, opt for a slightly bigger unit. Keeping things spread out and in their own areas is worth the few extra dollars in rent, especially when you are storing a diverse number of objects.

To keep all your possessions in safe hands, regardless of the weather outside, it’s important to opt for a self storage unit that has good climate control. At The Lock Up Self Storage, all of our units are equipped with not only climate control, but also include state of the art security. Our property is surrounded by perimeter alarms and includes individually coded access gates that can be used at all times of the day. Our motion-sensor lighting and 24/7 video monitoring ensures that your things are safe at The Lock Up. We have a variety of sizes and lease options that fit every budget. To learn more about our affordable pricing and prime locations around the United States, head over to our website today.