Five Self Storage Tips to Make Life Easier


Most people, at some point in time, find they’re in need of a safe space to store their belongings. Moving, being deployed, family additions and downsizing often put people in the position of searching for a self storage solution. The Lock Up Self Storage is a safe, secure, climate controlled answer to your self storage needs. Read on for essential tips on packing and moving into your self storage unit.

  1. Pick the right size unit.
    Just because your possessions are set up in a 1000 square foot area does not mean that you need a storage unit of equal size. By using proper packing techniques and taking advantage of 8-10 foot ceiling heights, you can stack your belongings into a much more compact space. Click here to use The Lock Up’s Storage Unit Size Guide.
  2. Have plenty of the right packing supplies.
    Saving old newspapers is a great way to reduce the cost of packing supplies. But, since the ink can often rub off or stain certain items, be sure to have a selection of other plain papers, tissue and bubble wrap. You’ll also want to have handy plastic bins (keep them all the same size for easy stacking), packing tape, scissors, measuring tape, rope, furniture covers, cardboard boxes and a label maker or large markers so that you can clearly mark all of your boxes.
  3. Organize, organize, organize.
    While packing up your storables, be sure to keep like with like. Boxes of glassware should stay together, likewise for kids’ stuff, clothing, furniture and boxes of tools. Be sure to clearly label every single box and don’t be afraid to add descriptions. Several boxes labeled only as Basement won’t help you find a monkey wrench when you need one. The more organized you are while prepping, the more organized your storage unit will be which will inevitably save you time. Also, having everything sorted into groups when packing will help the move in process.
  4. Prep your storage unit.
    If you have a lot of boxes, stacking them is advisable. However, if you eventually need to get to a box at the bottom of a tall stack, you’ll have quite a bit of work ahead of you. A little pre-planning can save you time in the future. Low cost shelving units not only provide a way to stack boxes while also making them easier to access, they also provide a place to stack oddly shaped items that don’t fit into boxes. Shelving units up against the walls of your storage unit can help keep your space organized as well as safer to navigate.
  5. Be systematic during move in.
    With every new rental, The Lock Up provides access to a free move in truck. Keep in mind that the first box loaded into the truck will end up being the last one loaded into your storage unit. So, be sure to load items that you won’t need access to while in storage onto the truck last. They’ll be the first into the back of your unit, leaving space for items that you’ll want to be able to get to more frequently up at the front of your space. Be sure to leave a walkway in the middle of the unit during move in so you can get to most items throughout your unit if needed.

Of course, the staff of The Lock Up are also your best resource. On site staff at any Lock Up Self Storage will be able to assist you with any needs you may have.

Don’t hesitate to call The Lock Up today at 1-866-327-5625 to get yourself set up with the right storage solution for you.


  1. Organization for a storage unit is a huge piece to the puzzle! By properly putting items in you’re able to get the most from your storage unit. Each storage unit I’ve gotten I act as though it’s a game of Tetris for organization.


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