Holiday Decorations Life Hacks

Christmas Ornament
beautiful balls on christmas tree

‘Tis the season to deck the halls! So get over to your Lock Up Self Storage unit and pull out the box marked “Holidays” if you haven’t already. We’ve compiled some great life hacks that can really spruce up your home to get you into the spirit.

Tree Tricks
If you decorate with a tree, whether it’s real or fake, we’ve got a couple of tips to make it shine almost as brightly as Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree after his friends got their hands on it. To fill out a sparse tree, follow these steps:

One…hang lights in the center of the tree before hanging anything on the tree. Two…loosely drape pine garland on the tree, then use shiny green tinsel.
Doing these two things will create depth and sparkle, detracting the eye from any sparse areas. And the lights will cause ornaments to glow.

Gingerbread Man Goes the Extra Mile
Holidays are a time for baking goodies for friends, families and functions. If you’re baking gingerbread cookies, get creative with any extra dough to make ornaments out of them. It’s easy. When you have a shape you like, snip a paperclip at the end and push the points of the U shape into the top of your ornament then bake as normal. The paperclip loop will allow you to hang the ornament. Paint with several coats of varnish and you’ll get to enjoy them for years.

Festival of Lights
Festive lighting can really set the mood for your holiday celebrations. Here are two truly bright life hacks.
One…hang beautiful decorative elements from light fixtures to create holiday chandeliers.
Two…to hang strings of lights on difficult surfaces like brick over a fireplace, use a hot glue gun.

Bring the Outside In
If you want to lay some evergreen branches on a mantle, or create a wreath from cuttings, make them last longer by wrapping the cut stems with wet paper towels and wrap plastic wrap around it.

Wrangle Wrapping Paper
It’s inevitable that you’ll have unwieldy wrapping paper. A wine crate is a neat way to store it. Or, a garment bag hanging on a door will solve your problem paper.

Party Safely
The holidays are a time when people open their doors for friends and family. This year, if you host a gathering with little ones, or have some friends stop over who have children, and find yourself without outlet protectors, simply place bandaids over outlets.

We hope these hacks help make your holiday festivities fun for the whole family!