Holiday Life Hacks

Gift Wrapping

gift-wrappingWith the holidays fast approaching, we at The Lock Up recognize that life can get crazy hectic. So, aside from offering a great deal for new leases on 5’x5’ self storage spaces to get you through the holiday haze, we’ve put together a few life hacks to help save a bit of money, time, and hopefully, sanity. Check out these holiday life hacks:

  • Holiday greetings
    Instead of sending everyone on your list a greeting card in an envelope, save a little money by sending postcards instead. A postcard stamp is only 34¢ vs 47¢ for a regular card. Not a huge savings, but sometimes every penny counts…and your tastebuds will thank you for not having to lick all those envelopes!
  • Wrap it up
    Having a neat and organized way to wrap gifts makes it more of a pleasure than painful. We recommend using a paper towel holder to hold all your ribbons. Stack them on the rod and they’ll spin freely. Another handy piece of wrapping storage advice is to use an empty wine case for your wrapping paper. A little box with scissors, tape and a few colorful markers will help out too.
  • Holiday sparkle
    If you’re decorating a Christmas tree, here’s a fun trick. Take small decorative mirrors (like what you might use for a mosaic or craft project) and hot glue ornament hooks to the back of each. Hanging these small mirrors will give the effect of more sparkle and light emanating from your tree. They’re great to use on garlands and wreaths too!
  • Hot glue to the rescue
    Do you want to hang decorations or the holiday cards you receive, but don’t want to (or can’t) put holes in your walls? Get yourself some blue painter’s tape and a hot glue gun. Painter’s tape is great because it won’t pull off paint from surfaces that it adheres to. Simply place the tape where you want to affix a decoration, put a dab of hot glue on it and stick on your card or decoration. Your painted surface will be preserved and your decorations will be securely hung.
  • Pretty party
    For a dash of color to any holiday cocktail, make some holiday ice cubes by placing a couple fresh cranberries into your ice tray and freezing them into ice cubes. Great for individual drinks or to place in a large punchbowl.

We hope these festive holiday life hacks will inspire you this season! And if you have any of your own, we’d love to hear about them!

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