Holiday Party Life Hacks

Christmas Decorations
Christmas background. Candy canes on snow. Xmas decoration

Everyone loves a great party. So why not throw one that’s sure to impress everyone well into the new year? Once you’ve gotten all of your clutter moved into your Lock Up Self Storage unit (don’t forget about our (s)Elf Storage Special!!), then it’s time to get ready to party. We’ve compiled a list of must-do’s for your festivities.

Tech Prep
Before you go shopping for your holiday party, open up your refrigerator, pantry, and cabinets and snap a quick picture of each on your phone. It’s inevitable that you’ll see something in the store and wonder if you already have it at home. Don’t rely on your memory, just take a peek on your phone to see if you need to put the item in your shopping basket.

Candy Cane Mania
Candy Canes are like the ambassadors of the holidays. Sweet and minty cool, their flavor says wintery-goodness like no other. Pulverize candy canes and use it like magical holiday fairy dust on cocktail rims, in hot chocolate, over an ice cream dessert, or on top of the icing on cakes or cookies for your festivities.
They’re not only delicious, but they also do double duty when it comes to decor. Hang the individually wrapped canes from garland for a quick and easy ornament. Or hot glue three of them together with the J shape on the bottom for a clever place card holder.

Get your guests into the holiday spirit by tempting their noses the moment they step into your home. Simply fill a large pot with water and place slices of lemon, some vanilla extract, and sprigs of rosemary into it. Keep at a simmer throughout the night and your home will smell warm, fresh and inviting.

Let The Music Play
Unfortunately technological mishaps tend to happen at the most inopportune moments. If your speakers or stereo go on the fritz while you have friends over, keep this hack in mind. You can amplify the sound of your phone by placing it inside of a glass jar. It’s not a state of the art sound system, but it will definitely get you through the night with your favorite tunes.

Avoid “Which One’s Mine?
Set up a self service bar and have a stack of red plastic cups for your guests. But to ensure that your guests are not wasteful by losing track of which cup is theirs, place a few markers and sticker gift tag labels alongside so everyone can label their drinks.
Have a holiday party hack you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!