How to Store Jewelry


Jewelry is a luxury that most women and many men afford themselves. It’s a way to be able to show who you are to the world. But if you’re like most people, all your jewelry is probably tangled up in a drawer somewhere, never to be worn or seen again. Our goal at The Lock Up Self Storage is to make your life easier by providing ways to keep your life organized, so here are some tips to help you organize your baubles:

  • Invest in a jewelry armoire. These are great if you have a diverse collection of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, watches, tie tacks and earrings . Usually there are ring holders in one section, sectioned off drawers for smaller pieces and hooks for necklaces so that they don’t get all tangled together. Nothing is worse than trying to de-tangle a mess of chains!
  • If you can’t find a jewelry armoire, or they’re too expensive…use a tackle box or an art box. These usually have a few layered shelves that are perfect for laying out your jewelry pieces. If you must place a bunch of chains in one shelf, use a couple of twist ties to tie the top and bottoms together. This prevents the chains from turning into a tangled nest.
  • Get creative. Find fun things to hang or drape your jewelry over so that they act as decoration for your space while also effectively displaying your lovely baubles. Drape longer necklaces over the corner of a mirror or hang decorative hooks on the wall to accommodate your necklaces. Keep old jars and find cool vintage glassware…these are great to hang earrings on!
  • Keep your original jewelry boxes. Often they have anti-tarnish material in them and it is a great way to ensure that you have a home for your jewelry piece.
  • Keep silver jewelry that you don’t wear every day in sealed plastic bags and stored in a dark, dry area. This will keep it from oxidizing and save you from having to polish it every time you pull it out of storage. But, of course, the best thing for silver jewelry is to wear it. The oils from your body keep the high points polished while allowing the deeper crevices to develop a nice patina.
  • For storing truly expensive jewelry, we recommend using a safe in your home or a safety deposit box in a bank.

We hope these tips will help you to keep your jewelry tangle free and looking beautiful for years to come!

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