It’s Wine O’Clock At The Lock Up

Wrigleyville Wine Storage @ The Lock Up
The wine tasting area outside the wine cellar at the Lock Up in River North, Chicago

Did you know that select locations of The Lock Up offer commercial, state of the art wine storage at affordable prices? No matter whether you’re a wine enthusiast with a small collection, or a restaurant looking for some extra storage space for your wine overstock, The Lock Up has you covered. We have wine storage facilities in Chicago, Florida, and New Jersey, and each of them are perfectly outfitted to preserve your vino and let it age beautifully.

Each of the Lock Up wine storage cellars have spared no expense to ensure that your bottles are stored in the utmost perfect conditions. Addressing all of the elements that experts agree make for good wine storage, we’ve created environments that any sommelier would covet.

  • Temperature
    Fluctuating temperatures can alter a wine’s aroma and flavor, so we have installed modern, exacting refrigeration equipment to protect your collection. Each facility has dedicated refrigeration equipment that’s separate from the main heating/cooling equipment to keep the wine cellars at a consistent temperature averaging 55 degrees.
  • Humidity
    Like temperature, humidity can affect your wine. This is why we also have advance, dedicated humidity control systems that maintain ideal relative humidity levels between 60-70%. This prevents the corks from becoming distorted or drying out.
  • Lighting
    Wine should be stored away from harmful UV rays. Direct UV lighting can create unstable reactions within the compounds of the wine. This is why we have motion sensitive lighting that only turns on when necessary, limiting the amount of light your bottles are exposed to.
  • Storing
    Wine bottles should be kept on their side; this prevents the cork from drying out. Bottles should also be stored in areas that are free of vibrations which could disturb the delicate sediments. Our wine storage racks account for this.
  • Environment
    The cork in a wine bottle does not provide a complete seal. The wine actually “breathes” through the cork. This is why it is important to maintain a closed environment, one that is free off exposure to smells and odors.

The Lock Up Wine Cellars have storage areas that can accommodate a small collection of a few bottles, to over 500. Here’s a handy chart to help you figure out how much storage space you’ll need.

If you’re looking for a safe, secure, perfect environment to store your wine collection, visit to learn more and secure yours today!