Lock Up Tips For The Switch To Summer


Summer-windowWinter has definitely been hanging on this year, but we’re feeling confident that the worst of it is over. That means it’s time to begin the switch to summer. The Lock Up has compiled a quick checklist for you all to help you in converting from warm winter gear to cool summer living. Here are some tips on how to make the transition smoothly.

  • Lighten Up
    Even bears come out of hibernation…now is the time to take down any heavy curtains and replace them with light, bright and breezy sheers. Be sure to clean your curtains before packing them up for the summer though. Dirt and stains can destroy fabrics over time. Spot clean sensitive materials or have them dry cleaned.
  • Brighten Bedding
    Winter is meant for cozy and warm bedding, but summertime weather is too warm for heavy comforters and flannel sheets. Wash all your heavy bedding gear before storing it away and switching to cotton sheets that will keep you cool. A light colored bedspread will cheer you up the moment you open your eyes in the morning.
  • Kick Boots To The Curb
    Winter boots take up so much space. It’s best to stash them away until they’re needed. After cleaning off any mud or salt remaining in the treads of your boots, toss them into a plastic bin, close the lid, put it in your Lock Up Storage unit and get your summer on!
  • Summer Breezes
    After having your windows closed for so many months, you can finally open them and let summer breezes air out your home. Central heat often dries the air out so much that people use humidifiers to keep the air moist and keep static electricity at bay. If you’ve got a humidifier, don’t just turn it off and forget it…you’ll have a serious bacterial party come fall. You want to dump out any remaining water and clean the unit with white vinegar. Then store it in your Lock Up unit.
  • Bye Winterwear!
    Like winter boots, heavy winter coats, scarves, gloves and hats can eat up prime real estate in one’s closet. To make way for cute summer clothes, take all your winter items and either wash them or take them to the cleaners before packing them up and storing them in your self storage unit. You’ll thank yourself on the first cold day in fall when you have fresh winter gear to wear.
  • Yard Fun
    Yards get to be fun again now that the weather has changed. BBQs, gardening and lounging in the sun will replace the drudgery of shoveling snow. Take your snow shovel and any remaining salt and switch them out for your rake, garden clippers and lawnmower.

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