Saving Space with The Lock Up

Small Apartment
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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large house with an attic, basement and garage to use as storage. There are many people who live in apartments with limited storage capabilities, and yet, these folks gather up items throughout life just like people who own large homes. Apartment or condo dwellers are faced with the task of balancing their home life with all of the stuff that comes along with life. Just because you live in a smaller 2 bedroom space with no extra storage doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself all the trimmings for holiday decorating, or the items that go along with your favorite hobby. Instead, save precious space in your domicile by leasing a storage unit with The Lock Up.

Whether you simply need a place to stash the couple of boxes of tax papers that you’re saving, or you have large, unwieldy items that you only need but once a year, The Lock Up has you covered. Don’t limit your living space, or live amongst your items that can just as easily be stored away safely with The Lock Up. We have storage units that are secure, clean, and climate controlled so that you can store even the most delicate of items. Our state of the art security monitoring and electronic coded access ensures that your unit and items are more secure than in a common storage area in your apartment or condo.

In case you’re considering an apartment or condo that you absolutely love because of its location, proximity to good schools, etc, but you’re concerned that there isn’t enough storage room, we offer a solution that will enable you to live your dream life. So go ahead and sign the lease on the apartment with a beach view.

It couldn’t be easier to lease a storage unit from The Lock Up. Simply visit and you can figure out what size unit you need, lease it and pay for it. We at The Lock Up strive to make life easier.