Small Business Benefits of A Lock Up Self Storage Unit


Statistics say that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. But starting and running a small business is a huge endeavor and The Lock Up Self Storage is proud to say that we provide solutions to some of small business owners’ dilemmas. Below we’ll detail a few of the features and services that The Lock Up provides that can help to ease the burdens of being a small business.

  • Extra SpaceSmall Business Storage
    Many entrepreneurs’ stories begin with the phrase: “It all started in my garage.” You can substitute with “kitchen table” or “guest bedroom”, but the idea is all the same. When you can’t yet afford an office space, your home becomes HQ. However, along with business comes the need for extra space for things such as extra inventory, office supplies, or sales materials. This is where a Lock Up self storage unit comes into play. A business owner can rent a unit that exactly fits his or her needs. Need climate control for sensitive items or materials? Check. Want a drive up unit so you can easily unload or pick up items? We have that. Need extra space at an affordable price? You’ve got it a The Lock Up!
  • Being In Two Places At Once
    Often small businesses don’t have many, if any employees. This means that if you have a sales meeting with a client, you can’t be waiting around for a delivery of inventory. If you have a Lock Up self storage unit, then you can rely on us to receive deliveries for you. This can open up a small business’ schedule and free them up so they can make more money by not missing those important meetings.
  • Save Gas Money
    The Lock Up Self Storage strives to place their facilities in locations that are on or nearby main thoroughfares. This ensures that our small businesses can easily stop into their unit while out running errands.
  • Free Wi-Fi
    Many Lock Up facilities have free Wi-Fi access for tenants. A tenant can rest assured that they will not miss an important email while visiting their self storage unit. This is just one more way The Lock Up provides small businesses the opportunity to enhance their business operations.

Has a Lock Up Self Storage unit helped your small business? We’d love to hear how!


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