Spotlight on The Lock Up Self Storage Skokie, Illinois


The Lock Up Self Storage in Skokie is the company’s flagship store for the North Shore of Chicago. In addition to being a large facility with top of the line amenities, the Skokie Lock Up has also been awarded a Silver Design Award for for Excellence in Architectural and Engineering Design. So, not only can North Shore residents store their items knowing they will be safe and protected, they can do it in style.

Located near the Westfield Mall (aka Old Orchard to locals), The Lock Up facility in Skokie provides both North Shore residents and businesses alike a convenient self storage solution. With the holiday season quickly approaching, businesses utilize The Lock Up to store all of their incoming products. Doing this allows business owners to have the stock needed to replenish during the busy fourth quarter buying season while keeping their stores uncluttered.  Shoppers can take advantage of the convenience the Skokie Lock Up provides as well. What better way to keep nosy children from finding their Chanukah or Christmas gifts early than by putting them in storage? Now is the perfect time to shop the end of summer sales and then put those deals in storage until you’re ready to gift them.

Lock Up clients in the Skokie facility have access to numerous features. From the impeccably maintained grounds, to four levels of climate controlled storage units, to a sizeable cargo bay area equipped to accommodate delivery trucks the size of semi’s, and two huge freight elevators, any customer of the Skokie location is guaranteed a top of the line experience while moving their valuables there, large or small. In fact, the Skokie Lock Up has 1,050 units ranging from size 5×5 up to 10×30 and everything in between; with options like that, customers can always find a unit that suits their storage needs. And along with such accommodating units, customers will always feel protected and safe loading their goods in or out of their units. Whether it’s raining, hailing, or snowing outside, your goods are protected by the elements by an indoor loading bay. Cylinder locking systems that require 2 keys provides additional safety measures for your stored items; as do the motion sensitive lighting and the security camera monitoring.

Whether you’re a resident of the North Shore looking to store your personal items or a business in need of more storage space, the Skokie Lock Up Self Storage facility can solve all of your storage problems.

First time customers get their second month free! Be sure to visit the Skokie Lock Up at 5250 Golf Road Skokie, IL 60077 or call (847) 677-8080 for more info.


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