Summer Break Storage for College Students


Summer’s here which means it’s time for many college students to pack up their dorms and make the migration back home. But since they’re coming back in just a matter of months, it doesn’t make sense to bring all of their belongings home. What does make sense is renting a Lock Up Self Storage unit. Here are some summertime tips for college students looking to stash their belongings for the summer.

  • Let’s face it, dorm rooms are small so you won’t need a huge self storage unit. Plus, furniture like beds and desks are usually provided in a dorm. Look into the 5’x5’ unit. It will be able to hold all your dorm decorations, sheets, and small appliances that you have in your dorm room.
  • Buy a couple of large plastic bins with lids to pack your stuff in. It will be easier to carry when you move and will come in handy during your next school year for storage. You might want to pick up a cooler too. These are perfect for storing things in over summer and next year, you’ll be the star at the next tailgate party!
  • When you rent a Lock Up Self Storage unit, you get a free move in truck…which is a huge bonus for college kids who walk or ride bikes.
  • Go in on a unit with friends. This will keep the cost down and when you get back to school, it will be easier for you and your friends to bribe your one friend with a van or truck to help you move your dorm stuff out. (FYI, pizza usually works).
  • Rent a climate controlled unit if you’ll be storing sensitive items like your stereo or record collection. The temperature and humidity levels are controlled in these units so you know that your goodies won’t be subjected to wild temperature fluctuations that could damage your stuff.
  • Visit to find the Lock Up nearest to your school and for online specials.

Have any other suggestions for how to store your dorm stuff? Share them with us here!


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